Sunday, September 02, 2007

The ambitious Peter Black.

I am a fan of fellow blogger, Peter Black, the Lib Dem Assembly Member. OK, so he does sometimes have a tendency to re-write history - but I'll forgive this weakness as a natural desire to save his political party from meltdown. But I've never seen Peter as a 'leader' - until today that is. The Wales on Sunday has given us a really good story about the ambitious streak in Peter Black.

Its clear from today's report that Peter has real b***s, and is almost alone in the National Assembly in his willingness to challenge the stitched up leaderships that make the place so boringly predictable. I'd always thought that Kirsty Williams would be the one to depose the talented but hopelessly unelectable Mike German - until she allowed her ambition to get the better of her and decided to sink the Rainbow Coalition at that fateful meeting at Llandrindod Wells - and followed it up with a ludicrous interview for the BBC in which she looked as guilty as a burglar caught with fingers in the till. So, if Kirsty is damaged goods, and Jenny Randerson is too much of a Mike German acolyte, it falls to Peter Black to wield the knife. And he's done it today, with the calculated help of 'Butcher Bates'.

In my opinion, the Lib Dems would be mad not to back Peter against Mike, who deserves more time to spend with his piano. Arise Peter Black, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the National Assembly. Unless.... No, it could never be. Not a ruse to destabilise Mike German, simply in order to lay out the groundwork for a Kirsty Williams resurrection. Ah, the delicious conjecture of politics.


Anonymous said...

will Peter Black have enough time to be a Swansea Councilor, pamphlet writer, a Lib Dem Assembly Member as well as Welsh Lib Dem Assembly Leader and Top Welsh Blogger :)

Anonymous said...

and what about resurrecting Kirsty ..thats a grim thought
Peter Black as leader - then who would back him im the Dems ....bow bow may be

Glyn Davies said...

The one thing I would not want would be the backing of Bow Wow, which is about as helpful as the vote of confidence given to a football club manager after a run of poor rersults.