Friday, September 07, 2007

Back to the Treadmill

Last few days, I've embarked on a mission to be improve my fitness. There's no doubt that I've let things go a bit. I already given Mrs D due warning that the 6-pack is returning. I'm never going to be running across Wales again - or grinding out 2 hour victories over superior opponents on the squash court. And I've never sported the 'slick' look anyway - more Brian Moore than Gerry Guscott I regret to say. But it would be nice to step out feeling 'a bit of a kiddie' again,as Johnny Gosnall used to say.

And its a good thing that I started this life reappraisal 'stuff' last week because I see in the Telegraph that yesterday, the 6th September, was the unhealthiest day of the year. The reason this snippet caught my eye was the sheer, unreal innocence of the Telegraph in concluding that the reason so many remedies are sold on the 'Sickth' is that children, newly back at school are transmitting diseases to each other. This is about as fanciful as the 2-page spread in a Telegraph last week lauding Gordo as consensual, new, Prime Ministerial, etc.... it made my feel quite ill.

The real reason is that parents need medicines to recover from the stress of family holiday travel (first chance they've had), and the kids are pretending to be ill so that they don't have to return to school. It does look as if the dashing new body image is coming all wrapped up in a cloak of cynicism.


Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Judging by that extended interview you gave on BBC Radio Wales last week, I thought you were already extraordinarily fit?

- Frank Little

Glyn Davies said...

We can always do better.