Friday, September 14, 2007

Wales to win tomorrow

Not sure what's happening to me. Too much recent mental strain must have taken its toll. I have just been watching an England rugby team playing, and wanting them to score. I actually felt sorry for them as South Africa reduced them to a disorganised rabble tonight. One of the absolutes of my life drifted away on the wind. Next thing I'll be eulogising about the cuteness of the hated grey squirrel.

Now its on to tomorrow. And I really fancy Wales. The Australians have been whinging about having to play the game at the Millennium Stadium - which suggests that they are worried. And it seems that Larkin might not be playing. I can see a tight game, with Hook coming off the bench to cut clean through and put Mark Jones over in the corner - and then converting from the touchline. Rhodri Morgan was on the news tonight talking about "Fire in the belly and ice in the head". That's just how its going to be.

And I really want England to beat Samoa next week. Honest I do. Honest I do. Perhaps I'll return to good health tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

wales 20 australia 32!

Glyn Davies said...

OK clever dick. Good game though.