Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How could they?

One week ago today, I was hit by devastating news. The epitome of delicate Welsh fragrance, Sara Edwards was calling it a day after 20 years of presenting Wales Today. Never mind, I thought. Even legends don't go on forever - and Sara was quoted on the BBC press release which delivered this bombshell as having "been offered the opportunity to look ahead and develop other plans". It was a bit like when Monty, Archie and Smokey died. Time has come to move on. All for the best and all that.

But no. They sacked her. They bl**dy well sacked her. At least that's what Sara says. She told Wales on Sunday that "It all came like a bolt from the blue. I did not see it coming". The Beeb are not even arranging a leaving party. Sara is arranging her own - and the BBB bosses "won't be coming". How could they. This is the most heinous act in the Welsh media since S4C pulled the plug on Garddio. Its almost enough to make me join Adam Price in refusing to pay all of my licence fee.

If I was active on Facebook, I would start some sort of disapproval register. Come to think of it, this could be enough to get me started on Facebook again. Lucy Owen has really got something to live up to. It was reported that one worker at the BBC scrawled "We love you Sara" on the newsroom bulletin. Quite right too.


Anonymous said...

will your view change when i tell you that she's shown an interest in standing for Plaid?!

Glyn Davies said...

No - it would not. I would be disappointed though. I was a lot more disappointed when Rhuanydd Richards joined then as a spad. But then, lots of my friends support Plaid. Its just that in Montgomeryshire I'd like them all to support moi.

Anonymous said...

Sure you'll soon love Lucy, Glyn

Personality, professionalism, network experience - and with fantastic ambassadorial skills in viewer land... a class act

Glyn Davies said...

I have worked with Lucy and have to agree. There are ways of doing things though,