Monday, September 24, 2007

The Brown Whirlwind

We'd been warned to expect something special from the Prime Minister today. But I do think he was taking it a bit far by arranging to have 11 tornadoes wreak havoc across the South of England this morning. All Tony Blair could ever do was walk on water. Gordon just had to go one better.

I have to admit it though. He's my sort of speaker. It was my sort of speech - apart from its length. OK, so I should be rubbishing it as rehashing previous announcements - going on about how our new Prime Minister has got away with disassociating himself from the 10 years during which he personally dominated the British Government's domestic policy - banging on about where the beef is - lambasting the failure to give us the EU constitution referendum we were promised - decrying the absence of an apology for wrecking our pension system. But all this would miss the point. Gordon Brown made a serious speech without the nauseating Blairite thespianism that used to so sicken me and almost everyone else in the end.

But trust Neil Kinnock to completely destroy it all with his 'windbag' vulgarity. Tonight, he was all over our TV screens advising the Prime Minister how to deal with the Conservatives, "Grind the bastards into the dust", is what this over-rated vulgarian publicly advised. Thank God that the British people were sensible enough to draw back from making this man Prime Minister of our country.

But back to Brown. He is not a flamboyant speaker - that's good. No Blairite flourishes - that's good too. He hasn't got William Hague's wit and timing - but no-one else has either. But he does come over as a serious, committed resolute politician. He is the opposite of the lightweight, celebrity loving, publicity obsessed nonsense that we saw from Blair, and I see so much of here in Montgomeryshire. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Brown has said "Follow that". David Cameron has to deliver something special at Blackpool next week. I think he will. If he does and Brown funks the snap autumn election, David Cameron will take over as Prime Minister in the autumn of 2009.


Anonymous said...

"...lightweight, celebrity loving, publicity obsessed... that I see here so much in Montgomeryshire..."

Who on earth could you be refering to?

Anonymous said...

Kinnock showing his true colours again - just like that sheffield speech which cost him the election against Major. You are right to highlight it. Where is the leadership of your party on this