Saturday, September 22, 2007

Big Investment Decision.

A major investment decision to be made. Glandon Lewis of Norman R Lloyd and Co rang me last night to inform me that I am to benefit from an unexpected financial windfall. I have decided that it should be invested in a way that will strengthen my campaign to be elected MP for Montgomeryshire. But how to do this for greatest effect is the challenge before me. I suppose I could just add it to the general campaign fund, but I do think it warrants something more special. At present my favoured idea is to use the total sum (for it is £25) to gift membership of the Conservative Party (which has just been raised to £25) to a prominent Liberal Democrat who wishes to 'defect'.

You might wonder why this princely sum is exercising me so much. Let me inform you. Llanfair Caereinion Show organise a big annual raffle, which this year sold over 12,000 tickets. I bought one of them. There were over 60 prizes, one of which was the gift of £25 from Mick Bates, Liberal Democrat AM for Montgomeryshire. Now you might calculate that the chance of my winning this particular prize was about as high as Lembit Opik winning Hello Magazine's 'Shy Violet of the Year' competition, or being hit by an asteroid. But win it I did. I'm only sorry that I'd left the showfield a few minutes before it was announced on the PA system. Glandon was still laughing when he rang me.

So dear readers, I am open to ideas. An early suggestion has been to donate the £25 to a home for retired harmonica players.


Anonymous said...

Why not but the fragrant Mrs D a lovely bunch of flowers
Always nice to recognise your major supporters

Anonymous said...

save it for the deposit you will need to put down on your new flat in london after you are elected to replace the publicity freak that currently represents montgomeryshire

Glyn Davies said...

Valleys mam - you make me feel guilty. Flowers it will be. I'll try to find some blue ones though.

Anonymous said...

I think at the very least you should have got some yellow flowers - I understand the Toadflax has yellow flowers and likes wasteland. Appropriate, considering the donor!