Monday, September 24, 2007

The First Course

I thought I was going a bit three years ago, when I underwent eye surgery to remove a cataract at 2.00 in the afternoon at Shrewsbury Hospital before delivering a speech to Llanelli Conservatives at 7.30. But this is 'small beer' when compared with the 'out to dinner' breast augmentation operations being offered by a Texan surgeon called John Tebbetts. He is to outline details of his new procedure at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons on Thursday.

According to Mr Tebbetts, both breasts can be enlarged in just 30 minutes - and 80% to 85% on the 'enhanced' women go out to dinner on the evening of the operation. He adds that there is no bruising and 'normal activities' can be resumed the following day - whatever that means. Isn't modern medicine amazing?


cllr john jenkins said...

But it WAS a very good speech.

Glyn Davies said...

Thanks John - I suppose turning up looking like Long John Silver made it a bit more memorable that normal. Happy times though. I would not be invited to speak now - and I don't suppose you would be invited to listen - and both of these circumstances are a pity.