Sunday, September 09, 2007

And More Fun Today

I am really starting to enjoy this 'putting myself about' stuff. Following last night's Strictly Come Dancing, I went to a luncheon do in Four Crosses this afternoon, where there were another 200 people, all intent on having a good time as they raised money for the Macmillan Nurses. And again, I was struck by there being not one single person looking over my shoulder to catch the eye of someone more 'important'. I've been involved in politics for so long that I've forgotten how nice people not working at the politics/media interface can be.

I heard one punter make a £50 wager that I would win Montgomeryshire at the General Election. The downside of course is that there was another punter willing to risk £50 that I wouldn't. Trouble with this is that one family now has a financial interest in my losing!

I'd been agonising about how direct I should be in this sort of 'subtle' canvassing - and I've found that the easiest way to broach the subject is to ask something like "Do you reckon that I have any chance of winning?" It sort of invites the response "I hope so". It was all going rather well, especially when I took over the job of going around asking if anyone wanted to buy raffle tickets. Very subtle, I thought - and I was having a really good response. And then Eileen showed me how its done. She emerged from the kitchen with an exercise book with "PLEDGES TO SUPPORT GLYN IN THE GENERAL ELECTION" printed in big letters all over the cover - and started demanding that everyone sign up. And they did. I was staggered. Even the bloke who had wagered £50 on me to lose, signed up. If any of the pledgers have not voted by 2100 hours on election day, I fully expect them to receive a call from Eileen. It ain't subtle - but who is to say that she isn't right. If Churchill hadn't gone for 'Total War' in 1940, we'd be taking our orders from Berlin today.


cleckanndra said...

Dog-fights did for the Luftwaffe and may be necessary for your latest foe .... in view of his recent name-change!

Normal Mouth said...


Not on-topic, but you consider being profiled on my site? I don't do nearly enough Tories and with each week that goes past your omission is all the more blaring.

(That's enough crawling - Ed)

Please don't make me beg. I turn green and burst out of my clothing. No, hold on - that's what happens when I become enraged.

Email mr here if you'd like to

Normal Mouth said...


Make that:

Anonymous said...

Why are you so surprised at the support you're getting??!!! The Mont people really have had enough of Bow-wow and his unsavoury antics. He's a man who doesn't give a moment's thought to the area or his constituents and is way more concerned about the vacant world of showbiz and half-dressed wannabees. The man is a joke in Westminster and a joke in Wales. Be honest, have you heard anyone locally say anything positive about him in the last six months? His reputation and behaviour are dire. I'm very happy to have a punt and want to do so before the odds become too unfavourable!!

LHT said...

You'll have to make do with my 'virtual' support as I'd never live it down if word got out that I'd actually pledged real money to support a tory! :)

But I reckon that supporting wager is a 'dead cert'!!

Glyn Davies said...

Generous comments. Its a good job I have a natural lack of self confidence. There is absolutely no chance of me becoming over confident. But I'm going to give it my best shot

Dr. Christopher Wood (avatar: "Farscape") said...

Giving your best is all you can give - so don't fret too much about your chances of winning. I believe they are very good, said as much in a letter published in the Wales on Sunday! Best of British, OK Welsh!