Sunday, August 10, 2008

What you get for a pint and a half.

I didn't even know that I possessed a striatum. Apparently we all do. Its the part of our brain which is involved with sexual attraction. Important to remember that the striatum is located in the head. According to a Dr Marcus Munafo, an experimental psychologist at Bristol University, a pint and a half of beer will stimulate this body part into enhancing the attraction of a potential sexual partner by about 10%. Similar research carried out by Berriew Young Farmer's Club about 40 years ago discovered much the same thing, but at a rather more concentrated level. I remember one lad telling me that "after 10 pints, every woman was a stunner".

The one bit of this research that did surprise me was that the beneficial effect of a pint and a half lasted for 24 hours. This conclusion is at variance with the empirical evidence arising from trhe Berriew YFC study, which suggested that even after 10 pints, the effect had worn off by next morning. The same lad also told me that the effect sometimes dissipated even more quickly if it was a brand spanking new relationship, and it was consummated at extremely short notice.

This research is very significant, particularly at a time when so many of us are under financial pressure. Its far cheaper to buy ten and a half pints a week to maintain a permanent state of 'plus 10%' than wasting a fortune on silk underwear and anti wrinkle creams. Surprising what useful information flows out of our universities today.


Vixen of Meifod said...

Well you can show me our striatum, any day Glyn Davies! :-)

Anonymous said...

Realy need your thoughts about the loss of Issac Hayes Glyn - not Welsh but either as Chef in South Park or a big hitter with the "Shaft" theme - we will miss him.

Finch. said...

Thought you were going to start posting in Welsh after your 1000th posting??

Glyn Davies said...

vixen - no comment.

anon - I'm with Valley's Mam on this.

finch - sorry but I will switch to Welsh one of these days. Probably this week now that you've reminded me.