Sunday, August 31, 2008

Flowers in a desert.

The last two days have comprised probably the most boring weekend of the year in British politics. Absolutely nothing of interest has happened. The newspapers should not have been printed. Forests should have been saved. So I'm going to blog about crocosmias. At present they are setting our 'hot border' on fire. I've chosen the best four to titillate your senses.

This vivid yellow is perhaps just a touch too spready, so it needs to be divided and controlled every 2/3 years, or it takes over. It good and reliable though - and a must for any border aspiring to be colourful.

This crocosmia is named Emily Mackenzie. Beautiful flowers but have a maddening habit of facing downwards. Emily is a gorgeous girl, but a bit shy about showing her face - but far too too lovely not to cultivate.

My favourite yellow. She looks so lovely in those dark clothes. Don't know her name but I just couldn't live without her

This one is called Dusky Maiden. Short and beautiful. Every garden should grow it.

Tomorrow, surely some thing interesting will happen in the world of British politics. Perhaps Gordon will sack Darling, or Rhodri Morgan will resign, or Mike German will announce that he intends to remain Lib Dem leader in Wales until 2012. driving Peter Black's blog into a tailspin. I hope I'm not forced into blogging about rudbeckias.


alanindyfed said...

..... or perhaps Glyn will come to see the fallacy of Britishness!
BBC Panorama last night (my blog).

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - crocosmias do not recognise international boundaries. I'll read your blog tonight.