Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Pope is a Catholic.

I depend on the Sunday Telegraph to tell me what's happening in the world of politics. It must be difficult to find something newsworthy to write in the middle of August, but the paper must have been really stuck for a lead story today. The front page headline screams out "Leading Tories call for tax cuts". At the very least I thought this must mean members of the Shadow Cabinet. But No. It referred to two Tories, both of whom are highly intellectual 'thinkers' within the Party, Lord Forsyth of Drumlean and John Redwood MP. Both are reported to be calling for a bold commitment to cut public expenditure and taxation in order to stimulate the economy. I tend to share this instinct myself, but prefer to say that we should do so only after a period in Government when we can assess the impact of such a policy. The reason I describe this as a non story is that I thought we all already knew what the headline was purporting to be telling us.

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