Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Local Show

The 60th Berriew Show was held on the Rectory Field today. It was the best Berriew Show ever. And there was no better exhibit in the flower and vegetable tent than this 'Collection of Vegetables' from Sid Cooper of Cwminkin, Montgomery. Sid Cooper has been coming to Berriew for many years. He's one of the best growers in Wales. Many years ago I was on the Show Committee, and for many years was an enthusiastic competitor. I did win the 'Best in the Show' award on two occasions with my onions, but I never did win the 'Collection of Vegetables' class. Sid Cooper would take some beating.
There was an excellent entry of sheep today. This photograph is of what could be the best example of a Kerry Hill sheep in the world. The Kerry Hill originated in Montgomeryshire, and became popular across Britain and overseas. Mr Powell has been the dominant Kerry Hill breeder for as long as I can remember. Its an honour for the local show that he exhibits here. I've never bred these big sheep myself - a bit too 'soft' for my land.
And no show is complete without the brass band. There was so much else as well. There was a terrific competition in the cakes section. I bought a Farmhouse Cake and a Lemon Drizzle Cake entered by Helen Roberts, who was a bit miffed that her Lemon Drizzle wasn't in the prizes. I've tried a slice already and can vouch for the quality. Helen's mother Ros, was this year's President, and her Nan still takes the entries, and won the apples competition. Local Shows are like that. Just wonderful.
And neither is a show complete without the Punch and Judy Show. I did want a photograph of Punch smacking the Crocodile on the head with his stick. I'm not sure whether I was too late, or whether this particular part of the show has been banned as unsuitable for children. The Show finished up with an impressive fireworks display, the first time this has happened for many years - as a special celebration of the 60th birthday. When I was a kid, Berriew Show fireworks were an annual excitement which drew huge crowds.

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