Sunday, August 03, 2008

Time to go.

So he's finally resigned. Now we can have a genuine debate about who should become our new leader. We can have a debate about what new strategies are needed for the big challenges to come. We can expect to see a few new faces brought into the team, to 'freshen it up' as BBC commentators tend to say.

It was absolutely the right decision to take. Things just haven't been going right, of late. The most recent test which ended in a shock defeat, when the opposition's supremely proud and confident nationalistic leader led from the front, was the last straw. And it had all started so well. To begin with, it almost seemed that he could walk on water. No matter what nasty little 'googlies' were sent his way, he just stood there, and dealt with each delivery with deft flicks and an impressive, assumed authority, swinging his great clunking bat with effortless ease. But suddenly his successes dried up. We've seen failure upon failure. The public had turned against him and were baying for him to be sacked. Other names were being touted. His authority was shot. So today's resignation will have come as a great relief to those who vote in the national team's leader.

Yes, Michael Vaughan really had to go. It was to the great credit of the man that he made the decision himself - even if it was a pity about the tears as he announced his departure. But to be fair, even the Iron Lady shed a few when she went. Without doubt, it was the right time for Vaughan to go, and he went with good timing and dignity. I've always thought that politicians can learn a lot from our best sportsmen.


Anonymous said...

OUR next next new leader???

Only when the English team starts calling itself the "England and Wales" cricket team.

And if it doesn't (as we all know it never will) when are we going to start a team of our own?

alanindyfed said...

I thought that you had privy information on the exit of GB, but I guess the title of your piece was intentional!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I agree with you about this - and I don't know the background to this anomaly. Perhaps someone can tell us.

Anonymous said...

a clever post mr davies.

bryn lloyd-edwards said...

You devil Glyn!
Only you could do that!
Underestimated your humour!

And I thought it was Vaughan
Really - you are wicked!
Envious of your wit!

And your political accumen!

For a moment it was Gordon
Until I read on!
Creased myself laughing!
Knowing who you meant!
I really thought - cricket!
Not thinking I was duped.
Gordon was on his way!

Westminster needs you Glyn!
A breath of fresh air
Not the Lib Dems!
Knowledge is power!
Election awaits you!
Read them the Riot Act!

Go for the top Glyn!
Liven the Commons up!
You can do it Davies!
Now or never!

Defeat not an option
Assembly misses you
Victory is near for you
If Gordon goes soon
Election is soon!
Seize the day!