Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paying our Politicians

For some people, it would make no difference how much our politicians were paid. It would be too much. But there has to be some way of deciding what is the 'right' figure. Today, the National Assembly for Wales has established a 'Forum' to look at the pay and expenses of AMs. This is very sensible - and Sir Roger Jones is a good choice as Chair.

There has been a rumpus about Welsh politicians pay ever since Assembly Members awarded themselves an 8.3% increase last year. Personally, I thought the increase was fully justified, and that the media completely missed the real story. There was an unanswerable case for the salary increase, but no justification whatsoever for some of the responsibility allowances that were slipped in under the cover of controversy. I hope this 'Forum' will consider whether it is right that some of these unjustified payments should be taken away again.


Anonymous said...

A word of wisdom to all AMs:

Honesty is the best policy.

Isn't that right, Glyn?

barry said...

"unanswerable case"? what rot! these people have limited powers, although slightly growing. they have two short chamber sessions a week. most of them are in Cardiff for only three days a week. most of them are. frankly, pretty low grade.

a good councillor is worth far more than an assembly member. give more power to councils and pay the assembly members less.

Glyn Davies said...

barry - the salary is based on the jobs, rather than on the quality of the people that fill them. That's a matter for the voters. The salary increases were based on independent assessment, and it will be interesting to see what the current review panel come up with.

Bramah tap said...

How can you justify someione who lives within easy commuting distance of Cardiff having a flat paid for by the taxpayer? As for politicians claming to refurbish the bathroom itreally shows how out of touch those who sit in the glasshouse down the Bay are. Roll on the referendum

Glyn Davies said...

Brahmah - I didn't seek to justify a second residence for an Assembly Member living in close proximity to Cardiff. In fact I very much approve of a root and branch review of politicians expenses. Not sure about bathroom expenditure. General rule would be ongoing maintainance is OK while improvements should be paid for privately.