Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Olympics.

I daresay I'll get into things over the next few weeks, but so far, I'm just not engaged with the Olympic Games at all. In part, its because of drug abuse. I've only just heard that Antonio Pettigrew has admitted abuse and had his medals confiscated.

But there's a good piece in the Telegraph today about the most memorable moments of past Games. It lists Coe sprinting away from Ovett to win the 1,500 metres, Greg Louganis diving off the high board in Seoul and cracking his head on a lower board, Nadia Comaneci, Steve Redgrave, Carl Lewis and Bob Beaman. Got me thinking about the moments which have embedded themselves most deeply in my memeory. I will list the two.

First there was David Hemery, winning the 400 hurdles in Mexico City in 1968. I was a 440 flat runner in those days, and so had a particular interest in this sort of distance. So I stayed up and watched it live in the middle of the night. I will always remember Hemery coming off the bend and obliterating both the field and the world record. He took 0.9 seconds off it. It was a stunning run.

My second great memory is of Ben Johnson, winning the 100 metres in Seoul in 1988. It was a most amazing run, leaving Carl Lewis in his wake, and smashing the world record with a time of 10.79. It was near unbelievable - and so it turned out. He was drugged up to the eyeballs. I do have some sympathy with him though. He has been condemned across the athletics world ever since as a drug cheat. But the three runners who came in behind Johnsone, namely Carl Lewis, Linford Christie and Dennis Mitchell all tested positive at other occasions in their careers - and are still remembered with affection.

The one thing I do feel sure of is that medals will be won by drug cheats over the next few weeks. But I'll still watch the whole extravaganza.


Cheryl 'Light Middleweight' Williams said...

You are so right Glyn!
Olympics are great fun
Unforgettable memories!

Anticipation mounting now
Really love the Summer Games
Ever since I was girl!

Loved Mark Spitz!
Universally admired!
David Hemery was good too!
I remember Dick Fosbury!
Cassius Clay's gold?
Rarely disappointed!
Oh how l loved the boxing!
United admiration for Cuban boxer.
Stevenson? Teofilio? Yeah!

My father was boxing cut doctor.
And trained some good boxers!
Never really enjoyed sparring him!

Anonymous said...

...but no medals for Wyevale Garden Centre cheats.

Face up to it Glyn you cheated them out of 60p. If you can cheat them, I wonder who else you have cheated.

Honesty really is the best policy.

Why not just admit your guilt and make amends.

Glyn Davies said...

cheryl - One of my earliest memories was Dick Mactaggart and Terry Spink. You're so right about Teofilo. He was fearsome.

anon - there has to be intent for anyone to have cheated anyone - and no-one did that

Anonymous said...

Your intent was clearly shown in that you found the whole affair "satisfying".

Despite this, now that you have returned your illgotten gains you have made amends to the Wyevale.

An acknowledgement that you were wrong in retaining the 60p would go some way to making amends to your potential voters that you had realised that it was a dishonest action in the first place.

I'm quite confident that the good folk of Montgomeryshire are of a forgiving nature and will take note of your contrition and endorse your candidature in your coming contest against Mr. Opik.