Thursday, August 07, 2008

Non Listening Ministers

Labour really just do not 'get it'. Do not understand why they are in such trouble with the electorate. I've just watched the Housing Minister, Caroline Flint on Newsnight being interviewed by Kirsty Wark. She was stupendously awful.

The issue under debate was whether the Government is considering a 'Stamp Duty holiday' of some sort to help put some life into the housing market. When Kirsty promised us that the Housing Minister was going to outline what the Government had in mind later in the programme, I was very interested indeed. I have a personal decision to take concerning a house purchase in the next few days.

Ms Flint was insufferable - hectoring and bullying. She had no intention whatsoever of answering any questions. Her attempts to patronise Kirsty really grated with me. She knew exactly what Kirsty was going to ask. Why on earth did she allow herself to be interviewed. We are left in the position that the Government may well suspend some part of the stamp duty tax burden. No-one with any reasonable option will want to buy a house until this issue is cleared up. It seems that there is no problem facing our economy that Gordon Brown's Government cannot make worse.


vixen from meifod said...

Politicians should be like you.
Level headed and able to listen.
Only Tories do us any favours!
Not long to wait now!
Kirsty Wark is VERY good.
Ever been on Newsnight Glyn?
Really need you on there!

Anonymous said...

What's the betting that the Chancellor wanted to do reduce the stamp duty but dithering Brown put his oar in.

Glyn Davies said...

Vixen - No, Newsnight has been out of my league.

anon - Its the dithering that causes the problem. Personally, I would welcome a reduction in stamp duty, but not a holiday which would distort the market.

Bricks and Mortar said...

But Glyn she isn't Housing Minister. Housing is a devolved issue. The issue of stamp duty has nothing to do with Housing since it is a matter for the Treasury. If you are confused as to who the Housing Minister is then how do you expect the ordinary voter to understand. Flint is the Housing Minister for England. The Housing Minister for Wales is Jocelyn Davies.

Glyn Davies said...

B and M - No I'm not confused at all. It was Caroline Flint who was put up by the Government to address the issue on Newsnight. I made no eference to Wales.

penlan said...

A textbook example of how not to do something.No-one in his or her right mind will put in an offer until an announcement is made one way or the other.Rather than kick start the housing market they have simply kicked it.

All this is not rocket science.I assume that the civil service no longer have influence as I cannot believe that the treasury officials would not have seen this coming.

This entire government is no longer fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Pierre Bidet said...

The solution to the crisis in the housing industry in South Wales is obvious. Everyone should be made a member of the Assembly. Then they can all claim for a new flat or even better a house paid for by the taxpayer. Just think of the work that would be created when they set about putting in new kitchens and bathrooms all paid for by the taxpayer. At this rate we will need another 20 IKEAs in the Bay. With the mutipler effect of this expenditure the economy will soon once again enter a boom period.

Glyn Davies said...

penlan - put better than by me.

Pierre - The Keynsian response.

Anonymous said...

Anon#1 here> U seen the Daily Mail headline: "Housing minister says stamp duty holiday is still 'an option', as Darling goes to ground."

Darling is being constantly run over - he's Chancellor in name only.

How does he stand up to the humiliation?

I hope he does a double whammy resignation speech: Nigel Lawson and Geoffrey Howe rolled up!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - couldn't agree more. The Chancellor has become devoid of any authority. His pronouncments are no more than an opening gambit, a basis for discussion. He will likely be moved in September to something a bit less testing.

Glyn Davies said...
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Anonymous said...

guido did a similar post about Caroline Flints performance on his blog. she must have been dreadful