Thursday, August 28, 2008

The price of pleasure.

I always knew there was something not right about heated car seats. Such pleasure always comes with a price. Its like a Starbuck's Granola Bar - orgasmically lovely but it makes you fat. Anyway, Andreas Jung of the University of Gleissen has led a team of scientists who have found that the rise in temperature of the scrotum in contact with the heated seat renders the super comfortable make infertile. According to the research, reported on the front page of today's Telegraph, the average temperature of the male scrotum is just 36.7C on unheated seats, while the scrotum temperature rises to 37.3C when the heat button is activated. Remember all that fuss when the Chinese banned families from having more than one baby, and when the Indian Government was giving free radios away to childless couples. Now that Andreas Jung has produced his report, all they have to do is make heated car seats compulsory.


foxy tory woman trallwng said...

A very interesting post Glyn?!
Never knew any of that!
Knowledge is power alright!
Ever inciteful Mr. Davies!
Read your blog every day!

Benny said...

Scrotum - it' not a very nice word is it? haha

I've mentioned you on my recent blog Glyn, maybe you can shed some light into why Powys is 'cheerful'

Anonymous said...

These reports offer nothing new - long distance cyclists have been warned about this issue.

You see gentlemen, our testes 'r literally outside the box (our abdomen) because sperm don't like being hot and bothered.

So anything that warms up the wee buggers is potentially harmful to our fertility.

So, tight fitting male underwear - I'm sure there's research about that somewhere. Solution: wear boxers.

Too much time working near hot ovens steel or large bakery ovens? Solution: keep a few ice-cubes 'under cover'.

Sitting cross-legged? Solution: sit with legs diverging.

Sleeping on your belly? Solution: sleep on your side.

Love hot tubs? Solution: take cooler short showers.

Like stretch pants? Solution: wear baggy trousers.

Like thermal underwear? Solution: scissors out a box and keep an ice pack handy.

High humidity indoors? Solution: dehumidifier.

Sitting or sleeping 'too close' to a hot radiator? Solution: sit or sleep on the colder side of the room. Better still: turn the heating down!

Too hot and bothered while driving? Solution: take off your trousers - passengers permitting.

Etc. Etc. Etc ad nauseum.

VOTE GLYN DAVIES - the man who knows how to protect his scrotum!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

PS If anyone has a new design for underwear capable of holding ice-packs to a man's testes and wants to protect it in the world's most lucrative market - just pop off an email to me, Dr. Christopher Wood - a Welsh patent lawyer with a law office near the United States patent office. Dr. Wood has expertise in protecting new inventions. Dr. Wood has, for example, helped a lady inventor get a patent on a new bra design that has ice-pack features for ladies suffering inflammation following surgery/post-op.