Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NHS Efficiency?

Had a call this morning from a friend of mine who is awaiting a knee replacement operation. He was expecting it yesterday, and turned up at Bronglais Hospital Aberystwyth all ready for the deed to be done. He had his pre-med and waited - all day. At 5.00 he was told that there wasn't a bed, so there would be no operation, and that he should return this morning. (He lives 60 miles away) So he duly returned expecting to have his operation today. He arrived early this morning, and waited. Eventually he was again informed that there was no bed, and so no operation. This time it was a bit more problematic for him, in that his surgeon is off on holiday tomorrow.

This is extremely inconvenient for my friend. But another aspect of all this that really concerns me is that the consultant surgeon and his theatre team must have been hanging around for two days with an unused operating theatre, simply because there was no available bed. This seems an incredibly inefficient use of professional NHS staff's time. As I go to press, my friend still has no idea when or where he is going to be fitted with his new knee.


Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, Glyn. Where have you been?

This is a regular occurrence and has been going on for years since the Assembly took responsibility for Health matters.

No doubt you have been fooled by the 'tractor' figures pumped out by Hutt'n'Hart but sadly, your friend's dilemma has been shared by many.

I was admitted twice for a simple procedure and a friend of mine was admitted five times before the operation was performed. The excuse of 'no beds' is the standard cause.

Whilst I sympathise with your friend, at least, it has provided you with a reality check of the appalling state of Welsh Health provision.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I do realise this. Many people have contacted me over recent years with similar examples. Its not the first time that I've brought attention to a situation of this sort. I don't think it does any harm to remind people what's going on from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "no beds" excuse is used as a general excuse. A fob off sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Give Glyn a break - his main processor chip is 486ish, his ROM needs updating, his RAM (well, let's not 'go there'), his storage is limited to five and a quarter inch floppies (single sided), his keyboard is very heavy, and he makes clunking noises when he wakes up. Ask his wife!

Seriously, Glyn is a beaver - he has dedicated himself to Wales. A Senator Truman for Wales. Travels around not merely to engage but to listen as evidenced by his replies on this very blog. He's a deep thoughtful caring Welsh man.


Glyn Davies said...

anons - To acheive anything in Mid Wales, the qualities of the beaver are much needed. Tonight's post when I get to it. I like the Subliminal!

Anonymous said...

assembly control? come on, pre 99 the NHS was perfect was it.
for gods sake, make a case an argument, a debate, but don't spout crap.
seems poor local management to me, never mind the politics involved

Glyn Davies said...

anon - was that a comment on some other post, because it doesn't seem very relevent to this one.