Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time to go Joe.

I missed to rise to take in last night's fight live. But I've read the BBC report, and it reads to me as if Joe Calzaghe only just squeezed home - against the 43 year old Bernard Hopkins. OK, so Joe retained his unbeaten record, but there must be the question hanging in every-one's mind about whether he is as good as Hopkins was 10 years ago. He could take on another legend, Roy Jones Jr. but such a fight would be no more than a repeat of last night - risking a lot against a man well past his best. Or he could take on the flashy newcomer, Kelly Pavlik, but even that would add nothing to the reputation he so deservedly won when demolishing another rising star, Jeff Lacey, still for me the best win of Joe's career. Joe is already talking up his next fight, which worries me.

Of course, it may be that he needs the money, but I hardly think so. More likely he loves the glory (and who can blame him), but how often have we seen the love of glory lead to one fight too far. Perhaps the only reason for his fans to want 'just one more' is that a fabulous Welsh career can be drawn to a close in Wales. My advice to Joe Calzaghe is to think seriously about hanging up his gloves. He is a legend already. He is still a very handsome man. There is nothing left to prove. Hire an open top bus and tour Wales. I'm sure that Rhodri Morgan will help arrange some sponsorship. Its time to go Joe.


Steffan said...

It seemed to me that the Hopkins team had done their homework on Joe far better than Joe's team had done on Bernard Hopkins. This caused Joe problems at the start, however, he changed tactics and won the remaining rounds.

It wasn't a pretty boxing match but that was mainly down to Hopkins trying to stop Joe from fighing. He must have realised that he couldn't match Joe's stamina or strike rate and used his knowledge to that end.

Maybe a younger Hopkins would have fought differently and it would have been a different fight.

I think what it showed is that you need to have a lot more awareness of your opponent and a good strategy when you take on a great American boxer and veteran like Hopkins because they use their heads (by the way, if you see the fight - that is an intended pun!) as much as their physical strength.

I think that Joe's at the top of his game and he's got at least one more big fight in him.

Glyn Davies said...

steffan - I hope you're right to be so confident. I just feel that Calzaghe should not have been in trouble against a semi-retired 43 year old, and should not have been taken the distance. If he is going to carry on, I hope its just one more against a Jones in Cardiff. Pavlik would be 'a hungry youngster' compared to Joe, and I can't see the point in risking his unbeaten record for a win which will not add anything to his legend status, something a Jones victory would do.

Anonymous said...

Glyn Hopkins is recognised as the pound for pound best light heavyweight in the world (well he was untill saturday night.) He may be 43 but is an exceptional boxer who has been in very little tough hard won boxing wars and so is young for that age.

As for the Pavlik fight not adding anything. Kelly Pavlik is the undisputed and unbeaten middlewight champion fo the world who has not far off KO'd everyone he has faced. I'm sure the boxing public would consider that a great win for joe and a far far far more difficult prospect than a Roy Jones Junior fight.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I agree on both counts. Hopkins was exceptional - but he is 43. No blame on Joe Calzaghe, because you can only beat what's in front of you. But my pointis that it was more of a struggle than I'd expected, and its hard not to reflect that a younger Hopkins wouldn't have cashed in on the early knockdown.

I also agree that to beat Pavlik would be a great victory - but no greater than his win over Lacey. I just don't think it would add much to the reputation he already has. If he's carrying on, Jones should be target.

Anonymous said...

calzage will take on the ageing roy jones for another easy payout hes always taken the easy option.

Che Grav-ara said...

Glyn I think beating Pavlik would far out do Calzaghe's win over Lacey.

Kelly Pavlik is the ring middleweight champion (which is basically the boxing barometer for who’s the best in the world.) Calzaghe is currently the Super middleweight Ring champion (and after beating the former ring champion in Hopkins Saturday at light heavy) I can only assume he will be promoted to that status in that division.

I doubt anyone has held a Ring title for three weight divisions at the same time before? What a way to go out! I'd like to see him fight Pavlik. Add another young unbeaten world champion to his resume. Although after the career he has had I would not begrudge him fighting Roy Jones Jr for a good few million at the millennium stadium.