Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Memory Lane Day

Not been to Cardiff for a while, but going down today. Intention is to eat at the Felinfach Griffin on the way home, so will not be moderating comment until pushing midnight. Oddest reason for going is to speak at a Electoral Reform Society meeting in the Senedd - odd in that I've always been a first-past-the-post man. My guess was the Society asked me because no other Conservative would do it! But I was keen to. Firstly, I'm hoping to become an anorak and learn a lot more about proportional representation systems. And secondly, I think its likely that PR will eventually be extended to all of our electoral systems which makes it important to decide which is the preferred system. At the moment, its the Additional Member System, as long as its based on an 'open list' and an end to the shameful ban on dual candidacy which currently pollutes National Assembly elections.

Am also speaking at a 'Bowel Cancer Screening' reception later. This is an issue that really does matter to me. The continued absence of a proper screening programme is a national disgrace. The only reason its not being introduced is that the NHS would not be able to cope with the number of positive cases it would throw up. In other words, thousands of sufferers are being condemned to an early death, because we are not discovering all these lurking developing tumours until its too late for the full recovery I was lucky enough to experience.

I'm also meeting people whose opinions I respect about how the current constitutional arrangements are working in Wales. I've still to make my submission to Lord Roberts' Conservative Party Review of the way forward for devolution. And hoping to catch the debate on the Badger Cull in the Assembly Chamber if timings work out. The question is 'will Peter Black live up to his blog post? I also intend to read my Telegraph in Starbucks in the Bay and Mrs D has an appointment with Ken Picton. Its going to be a bit like old times.


Peter Black said...

If he is called then yes he will. I am told that the Government back benches have a free vote on what is effectively Government policy. Utterly bizarre!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Your up and posting extra early this morning Glyn. I suppose you have to catch the 'early bird' (not sure what that phrase means). It's funny that you speak about PR when many senior politicians reach different positions without a direct vote of the people - such as the PM, the members of the Upper House (House of Lords). Imho, PR only works well where parties are willing to put petty party politics aside and make sacrifices for the sake of the country. Otherwise we risk having a shambolic government. *2 cents*

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

PS - safe drive/trip.

Anonymous said...

"will Peter Black live up to his blog post?"

Lord knows what Black's blog post said. However, he was on BBC news this morning. He is badly spoken, badly presented and unimpressive. Even Lembit Opik cames over miles better than that. Underlines the difference in quality between assembly and parliament.

Anonymous said...

On this "Bowel Cancer" aspect, there's an interesting report or two in the press about the positive benefits in slowing the development of some forms of cancer (prostrate) in patients who take a statin and Celebrex.

So, if your prostate gland is an issue for you - talk to your medical doctor about this published link.

I just want to know if there is any benefit between eating single sausages over link sausages verses reading Glyn's blog. Blah blah - Blah blah.

Anonymous said...

So, did this "Memory Lane Day" trip to Cardiff involve a drive-by of Memory Lane Cakes on Maesycoed Road?

Fine cakes, and other things that they make there!

Glyn Davies said...

Peter - I watched your speech on the Assembly TV screen - and it was good stuff. I don't agree with your argument, but it was delivered with passion.

Christopher - For PR to work, there must be sacrifice and compromise. I think that the two coalitions so far in the Assembly have been quite stable.

anon - I accept that there is a huge difference between the styles of Peter Black and the MP for Montgomeryshire. Not everyone shares your judgemant about which is the better.

anon - there are reports about new medical breakthroughs every other day. Thet are worth noting only when they have been peer reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Glyn> the reports in the press were, as I understand it, based on peer review studies. What do I know, but Celebrex and statins production/sales are likely to rise a wee bit. "Socks are up to". Btw, Gordon Brown is hoping to get some 'back draft' from his meetings with Bush and the Feds. I guess GB's cryptic disassociative mind has finally kicked into survival mode. What were you Brits thinking when you voted for him? Opus, one forgets, the PM doesn't get directly voted into office by Joe Public. Silly me.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I also read and was encouraged by the potential benefits to prostate cancer sufferers of this new research - with promised benefits in a reletively short timescale. I wasn't dismissing it at all. It looked really interesting, but I'm just not sure of the degree to which the research has been peer reviewed.

Not sure many in the US actually noticed GB has been there. The rather more important visitor from the Vatican took all the media coverage. What bizarre timing. He needs yet another political advisor to coordinate his zillions of political advisors.

Glyn Davies said...
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Anonymous said...

If GoB (Gordon Brown, to distinguish GoB from Great Britain) has his way the banks bad assets will be taken over by the Bank of England (BoE) and UK PLC will be loaded down with liabilities in the hundreds of billions range.

Before the voters realize what's going on it will be a 'done deal' if GoB has his way. GoB is going to turn UK PLC into a cross between Iceland's precarious bank-led economy and Spain's pending disaster with the low growth Italian economy bringing up the rear.

If GoB has his way, he will risk turning the rock under the City of London (CoL) into liquefied mud. Once GoB 'lets the banks of their collective liability hooks' by hooking the sub prime and risky assets to the BoE then the CoL will be set up for the 'perfect storm'.

One slip-up and "PUFF", the "JUGGERNAUT MEGA STORM" will have landed and the CoL will become a square mile of Ghost Town. "It's all coming true" (line from Rimmer in the Cassandra episode of Red Dwarf. Incidentally, those who recent transferred 400 million to a certain Building Society really should look at how house prices in the Principality are doing - Welsh house prices are stagnating and in real terms adjusted for inflation are going backwards in sync. with the increasing restrictions on new mortgages.

The cycles are starting to cave in together - as if a financial black hole is forming underneath our souls.

The originator of the term "black hole" has just died; curious timing. FBO - "free on board" or "financial black hole"?

Anonymous said...

I think GB (GoB) was subconciously thinking he would up-stage the Pope - that's how crazy GoB's mind works. Daft man, and you Brits put him into power. *Laughs one's socks off*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I watched the local and main news coming out of Washington, DC - hardly a mention on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Let's face it, GorB is hmmmmm, words fail me; let's just say that there should be a group on Facebook dedicated to kicking him out of office ASAP - if not sooner.

There is one: "Gordon Brown SHOULD GO NOW!" Small world.

Glyn Davies said...

anons - Not fans of Gordon Brown, and neither am I. No surprise there. I have been astounded by how his authority , which he seemed to have in abundance until last October, has disintegrated.
The British media tried to make something of his visit to US, but he might as well have gone to the Almond Beach in Barbados for all the impact it had there. At least he didn't appear on another game show to give our taxpayer's money away.

If there were to be such a group on Facebook, all the first signatories would be members of the Labour Party.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn> yes, there is just such a group ("Gordon Brown SHOULD GO NOW!"). I will send you "an invite" to join that group - but looking at your Facebook profile it seems you don't log onto Facebook 'all that often'.

*Done* ... just sent you and a few others an invite to join "Gordon Brown SHOULD GO NOW!"

Of course I knew of its existent, I set it up on Facebook about four months ago.

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - Correct - I don't really use facebook at all.