Friday, April 11, 2008

The New Grey Peril.

How long will it be before the Chief Constable of North Wales begins parking horse boxes manned by armed police officers with speed guns on the street corners of Llanrwst and Porthmadog. Perhaps he'll decide to use ice cream vehicles or one of these new 'mobile' sub post office vans that are going to be popping up to replace all the proper post offices that are being closed by the Government at the moment. He'll have to find some way of clamping down on the new scourge of the High street. I must admit to a close escape myself as walking out of Barclay's Bank in Welshpool last week. I swear she was doing 10 mph (it is slightly downhill). Never even saw me. I only just spotted her in time. It really is only a matter of time until there are fixed penalty charges for any elderly person who exceeds the speed limit while driving a mobility scooter. Our town centres aret no longer safe.


Valleys Mam said...

I have to say that in my village which is reached up a very steep hill, a couple of oldies in these vehicles ride in the road.Its a very busy road and there have been a few near misses. I dont think they belong on main roads.
Also some folks are pretty aggressive drivers,Ive seen many a young mam have to do a quick swerve to get thier prams out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Give 'oldies' a break. Our disdain for them at times borders on discrimination. "Seniors" is a better term. Seniors deserve our respect ... absent getting run over by them.

Glyn Davies said...

VM and anon - I have to admit that I was not wholly serious when I posted - but you've both raised serious points. i do think that as the numbers of these mobility scooters become more common, as they will, some sort of pavement regulation may be needed.

anon - Treating the elderly and infirm and disabled with respect is a hugely important issue. At present, society does not do so. Our poor treatment of these people, particularly those suffering neurological disease is a disgrace. Its one of the major issues facing future Governments.

Left Field said...

I swear she was doing 10 mph (it is slightly downhill). Never even saw me. I only just spotted her in time.

Hmmm. Never saw you? Are you sure it wasn't part of a secret Liberal Democrat suicide squad?

My advice, watch out for falling pianos.