Sunday, April 20, 2008

d'Ancona gets it right.

Late at night, and just catching up with today's papers. We've been out with friends to an 'much extended' lunch in England today (well, only just - at the Wynnstay Hotel, Oswestry) to celebrate St George's Day. This may seem an odd activity for a Welshman, but the idea was that we would establish a 'Welsh' table as a gesture to the development of future 'international' relations in the event of all this separation talk getting out of hand. Its all very light hearted of course but it wouldn't have happened before devolution. The Venerable John Hall made a speech is praise of an England that is lost. Very entertaining, but more an attack on political correctness, which could just as easily be applied to Wales. Anyway, I felt comfortable toasting the spirit of St George at the end of it.

A devastating critique of Gordon Brown's trip to the US by Mathew d'Ancona in the Telegraph. He seems as amazed as everyone else by how Gordon Brown's authority has totally evaporated. A similar almost casual dismissal of our Prime Minister by William Rees-Mogg in the Mail. And perhaps, worst of all some supporting words from Peter Hitchens. Can it get any worse. Well yes it can. I've also just read an essay by Ian Gibson, Labour MP for Norwich. I only know Ian Gibson as a fine centre-back in Westminster's Parliamentary soccer team, and he does carry the sobriquet 'usual suspect' - but he usually speaks for a lot of other leftish Labour MPs. It really does look as if Gordon Brown is finished. I've been out canvassing in Montgomeryshire over the last few days, and the anti-Labour vote is everywhere, and vitriolic with it. The seeming normality and acceptance of Brown's failure to match up to the job makes today's newspapers very bad news for the Prime Minister. I think we could be entering the sort of volatile political territory that we have not seen since the early 90's. Its all becoming very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I guess Labour has a choice to make - develop the Lib-Dems taste for regicide or trot on with a badly wounded PM at the helm pretending, foolishly, everything is rosey.

For the sake of the nation I rather Gordon Brown is forced out of office at the hands of his own party.

Gordon Brown SHOULD GO NOW!
as per group request on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

How do you think Plaid Cymru will fare this time in the local elections?

They certainly backed the wrong horse in going into coalition with Labour in the Assembly.

More importantly, are the Tories driving this message home on ther doorstep?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - the problem for Labour is that Gordon Brown has been allowed to squash all opposition to the extent that there is no-one in a good position to take over. They are stuck with him - unless there is a revolution.

anon 2 - I think Plaid and the Lib Dems will tread water in this Council election, while the Conseratives will make a significant advance. One big difference will be that areas like Powys and Pembrokeshire are going to begin electing Conservatives, rather than Conservatives who stand as Independents. The big losers are going to be Labour.

penlan said...

Read Charles Clarke's extraordinary letter in the Times about Ed Balls today.I see that Iain Dale has reproduced it.They are in total disarray , even more so than the pundits thought.

Frank H Little said...

The Venerable John Hall made a speech is praise of an England that is lost.
Is it England or the speech which is lost? ;-)

anon 2 - I think Plaid and the Lib Dems will tread water in this Council election
It may look like that in mid-Wales, but I predict that the whole picture on May 4th will be different.

Frank H Little said...

anonymous (1): it's the Tories who have regicide in the blood: Thatcher, Major, Hague & IDS to name just the modern ones - and the first was a sitting PM!

If Boris doesn't win the London mayoral election (however irrelevant that is to the real UK), expect calls for Cameron to go.

sick of spin said...

Glyn, the anti labour vitriol was around in 2004 but it never manifests itself into votes or political change, just apathy and Labour remaining in power sad to say.

I would like to think that people do care and will vote in May but im not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Hey Glyn, Grope-it and Cheeky announce their engagement in Hello ( where else? ) tomorrow! You must be laughing all the way to the polls.......

Glyn Davies said...

penlan - Clarke's letter is pure vitriol - and for Balls read Brown. It just gets worse for them.

Frank - we will see in a few days, but I say what I hear, and I genuinely believe that we will be the big winners, and Labour will be the big losers, with the other two static. Why not tell us what you think will happen - saying that the whole picture may change is no opinion at all.

sick of spin - maybe, but I think that Labour are in for a very bad night indeed.

anon - well that would make it three fiances since I've known him!

Anonymous said...

Godness, three finacees and three big fat cheques from Hello! Now I wonder if that fee would be as much as the 5k he got from the Daily Sport? But does Cheeky realise that this particular Estonian lothario is not likely to change his spots, as Samantha and Sian will readily testify......And I wonder why he chose to announce this news right now? Nothing to do with Ms LLoyd's book I presume?!