Monday, April 28, 2008

The Awfulness of Sex Addiction.

Until I read today's Telegraph, I had no idea that sex addiction is a disease, beyond the control of those it who suffer from its debilitating affects. Clearly sufferers deserve sympathy and understanding from their partners, rather than condemnation. I suspect that its a much more common disease than is normally appreciated, and many sufferers are forced to keep their affliction secret. Just imagine the hell and personal distress that would result from flying women out to a £6,000-a-night presidential suite at a hotel in Monte Carlo, drinking champagne and expensive wine and then taking part in sex acts. Despite extending my deepest sympathy, I don't feel that I can allow the problems currently being faced by 65 year old Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay to pass without comment. This blog seeks to comment on the unusual. He has 'admitted' that he has been fighting the terrible disease of sex addiction all of his adult life. He is to undergo six weeks therapy in South Africa to help him in his battle against disease. Like Rabies, sex addiction is incurable. His Lordship has also admitted that self help is rarely successful. So he is heading for South Africa in search of long term help "not to cure, but to prevent any relapse".

I do think some of the comments on Guido Fawkes' post on this sensitive issue are unnecessarily frivolous. 'It makes you proud to be British' and 'I want to share his shame' demonstrate an uncalled for lack of sympathy. While it seems that it would be unrealistic to wish Lord Laidlaw a full recovery, I do hope he at least succeeds in establishing a long period of remission.


Anonymous said...

Is daylight hunting of badgers near Bath a disease too? We should be informed.

Anonymous said...

His Lordship has also admitted that self help is rarely successful.

Self help is all that poorer and uglier sex addicts have to resort to. Or so I hear.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - had to refuse one coment which actually took me seriously! To protect myself against libel.

Welsh raptor said...

Not legal advice ... but all the same ... those with deep pockets are often targets for alleged defamation suits. Words such as "if", in my opinion ... i.e., anything that speaks against making a conclusionary statement about someone or some legal entity is, perhaps, the way to go.

One farmer to another: "He burnt down his own barn." Innuendo for "he burnt down his barn to the insurance" ... not good.

He burnt down his own barn for the insurance ... even worse (if not true, slander on its face).

Always write/speak in a language no one can understand ... e.g., baby talk. Babies can understand, but they don't have a legal understanding, so safe ground unless someone overhears you who understands baby talk, then ur Swiss cheese.

I always remember the Bar type question, a man turns to a woman in a packed room and claims she is pregnant by someone other than her husband, he speaks in Finnish. The woman speaks perfect Finnish and understands what the man is saying, no one else in the room understands Finnish - was there a slander? Short answer: no.

Anonymous said...

If one has any knowledge of addiction, they will know there is such an addiction, not unlike gambling, drinking, pornography etc.
Thrill seeking in many ways.
hell for the families, like an alcoholic, no cure as such.
Sounds funny I know, it has even been known of nuns suffering form sex addiction, seeking out anonymous sex in bars etc.

Anonymous said...

"Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years.
If something is wrong, fix it if you can.
But train yourself not to worry:
Worry never fixes anything."

Anonymous said...

Sounds funny I know, it has even been known of nuns suffering form sex addiction, seeking out anonymous sex in bars etc.

Where was that exactly?

Anonymous said...

Our part-tim MP Grope-it is clearly a man with problems. Do you think he kight come clean too?

Glyn Davies said...

Welsh rapter - is that the same farmer who was asked whether he insured against lightning, and answered "No. I only ensure against fire, because I don't know how to produce lightning."

anon - Sanddef wants to know which bar these nuns were going to. He probably wants to do Gladstonian charity work.

and moderated anon - I cannot publish references to illegal drugs because I have no idea whether this has any truth in it. If you want to raise the issue about his contributions to the Conservative Party and the time it is taking for him to pay his taxes in the UK, I will publish want I believe to be true. And you ask me to precede posts like this with an 'H' to warn readers that I am attempting humour. Perhaps an 'I' for irony or 'B' for bizarre would be more accurate.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn: the same!

"You met him too then." Rhetorical, no reply required.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds funny I know, it has even been known of nuns suffering form sex addiction, seeking out anonymous sex in bars etc."

Well known addiction clinic in America, treats people from the clergy, sadly even the more sordid sexual addictions.
Maybe even politicians!
Take my word it IS true.
very sad, but I know it does sound strange.

Anonymous said...


I fully understand your reluctance to publish my comments regarding illegal drugs, which are actually already part of the public record. I certainly would not wish to compromise you or your valued blog.

Thanks for your offer of a comment on the non-dom status of Laidlaw and his failure to pay his taxes. I look forward to it.

Your suggestion of prefixes (I) and (B) for your postings is gladly noted.

Many thanks.