Monday, April 28, 2008

BBC on tour.

Early start in Llanbrynmair Car Park this morning with Radio Cymru. And there was me thinking that Post Cynta really wanted me to be a guest on their political panel to discuss the future of villages like Llanbrynmair in the context of this week's Council elections. Turns out that I was the only Conservative willing to show up. The interesting aspect of this is that they must have asked all the others before asking me for them to know. I suppose it stops one becoming insufferable 'important'.

The other 3 panelists were dotted about Wales in various studios. I was the only one who had made to the BBC bus, which was parked on one of the sites where the mobile Post Office van could be parked when Llanbrynmair's proper Post Office is closed down. The issues that worry local people in rural Wales are the loss of local services - post offices (and the shops that depend on them), village schools, community hospitals and public toilets. Other issues concern the difficulty young people have finding well paid employment and houses that they can afford.

Labour's panelist was Mrs Gwenda Thomas, AM for Neath, who is a lovely lady (that should annoy the political correct lobby but won't bother Gwenda). She once made a speech in the Assembly declaring her desire to be known as Mrs Gwenda Thomas. None of this Ms rubbish for her. Anyway, my reward for driving to the Beeb's bus was that I opened the batting. Then it was Gwenda's turn, and she stated off by saying how nice it was to hear my voice again. I think she was going to ask me how the family's doing, before Gary Owen brought the discussion back to electoral matters. And then he couldn't stop her. Gary was 'tearing his hair out' in the studio (you have to know him to appreciate that). Impossible to have any sort of discussion when the 4 panelists are in four separate studios.

Final question was about inspiring people to vote next Thursday. Not easy in Llanbrynmair, where the County Councillor has been returned unopposed.


Sally Anne said...

Your postings are getting better and better Glyn.
keep at it!

Amman Voter said...

gwenda is a pain in the backside She was useless as a councillor and worse in the Assembly
What has she contributed other than a non comment about her title and protecting her friend Edwina from any questions in committes

Glyn Davies said...

sally anne - thank you.

amman voter - you think what you want. I like her.

Anonymous said...

Amman Voter,

Firstly, maybe you’d like to take a look at your spelling and grammar, which is, quite frankly, worse than that of a 5yo child.

What has she contributed? Well, she’s the Deputy Minister for Social Services, and by all accounts, is doing a fantastic job, and is much respected by the civil service and the entire social services sector in Wales for the work that she is doing. Do you think any First Minister would give someone that role if they were “useless”?

She’s the only Deputy Minister to have been given half the portfolio of the Minister he/she works under. She’s steering through the Assembly two legislative competence orders (LCO’s), one on Vulnerable Children and Child Poverty, and one on Domiciliary Care, with another on Carers due soon. Not one other minister is responsible for taking as much legislation through the Assembly as Gwenda at the moment.

You no doubt disagree with Gwenda Thomas’ politics, but you have absolutely no right to attack her in the way you have as you, quite obviously, don’t know her very well at all.

suzy davies said...

Cheeky! Think you'll find other Cons were pretty busy that morning too - yes, even at that hour - what with there being an election on and all. I'll put that slip of the typing-finger down to the exhaustion of campaigning!