Monday, April 07, 2008

The Foundation Stones.

Regular readers will know that I see creating a Conservative Group on Powys County Council as a crucial first step in establishing the Conservative Party as the dominant political force in Montgomeryshire. Its the foundation on which Assembly and General Election success will be built. No idea how much bigger than one the group will be, but I hope it will be at least big enough to ensure membership of the 'Board' which runs the Council. "Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant" as Frank Sinatra used to croon.. We are putting forwards nine candidates from Montgomeryshire, one of whom has already been elected unopposed. There are another fourteen candidates standing for us in Brecon and Radnorshire. Our nine are, in no particular order,

Simon Baynes-------------Llanwddyn (elected unopposed)
Peter Lewis----------------Llanfyllin
Aled Davies---------------Llanrhaedr-Y-Mochnant and Llansilin (Tanat Valley)
Mark Johannsen---------Llandysilio
Steve Kaye----------------Welshpool (Castle Ward)
Russell George------------Newtown Central
Frank Torrens------------Newtown Llanwllwchaearn North
Peter Harris---------------Newtown Llanllwchaearn West
Richard Horne------------Montgomery

I'm not sure that I have all the ward names correct, but they're somewhere near. Having even one councillor will be a new experience for us. Anyway, starting on Thursday, I will be spending quite a lot of time out on the stump with our intrepid team. Anyone want to help, ring me on 07968082891.


Anonymous said...

it will be interesting to see how much of a profile the libido dems give to the cheeky boy or will he campaign and they lose all their seats. hes a disaster for them unless they pretend hes nothing to do with them.

Roman Jones said...

Can anyone out there honestly say, with hand on heart, that they think they are getting a good deal from the current crop of Powys County Councillors? The whole decision making process is dominated by the selected clique; known as the ‘Board’ and their all powerful, paid Officials who run rings around their old and bewildered elected Councillors. It is like an episode of Last of the Summer Wine! It is time to sweep them ALL away. We need new, untainted Councillors with new ideas who can make Powys a great place to live. If you are fed up with increasing council tax, speed humps all over your roads, wind farms blotting your upland wildernesses, poor refuse and recycling services and ridiculous planning decisions – whilst more and more highly-paid jobs are being created at County Hall at our expense, then I implore you, the good people of Powys, use your vote on 1st May. Vote for Change and Vote for Progress. Let us kick out these tired old has-beens and bring in a fresh start for our great county!!!

Anonymous said...

Having just looked at the nominations I dont remember seeing Roman Jones as a candidate? Its another case of put up or shut up.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - It will be interesting to see how much profile the Liberal Democrays give their MP for Montgomeryshire at this election, and to see how well they do.

Roman - To elect a new crop of councillors, we have to presuade a new crop of people to stand!

anon - Not everyone can stand because of work commitments - or because they are employed by Powys County Council. Need to remember that.