Monday, April 14, 2008

Graphics OK - Humour content absent,

Has anyone ever watched a less funny programme than 'Headcases', the new ITV programme which is often referred to as a new 'Spitting Image'. I watched the last edition and it will be the last edition I watch. It was truly awful.


Anonymous said...

nothing will ever replace Spitting Image and nothing should try, I was watching an epissode on Sky TV the other week and its made me laugh, shows how nothing really changes in politics they had sketches about Russian dissidents and a Mad Republican American President.

I agree Headcases is everything that is wrong with ITV at the moment, overstyled, over produced and over promoted.

Ian said...

Headcases is dire. Who writes the scripts as they are so utterly predictable? There is a lack of quality satire on TV at the moment, which is a shame considering the politicians we currently have.