Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boris on form tonight.

I am a huge fan of Boris Johnston and have been for many years. But if I'm totally honest, I've not been impressed by the performance of any of the candidates in the race to be Mayor of London. But tonight, on Question Time, I thought Boris was in sparkling form. He was authoritative on times (didn't know he could do authority), displayed a real streak of commitment to London (clearly putting the City before party), and he retained a fair bit of what has made him one of Britain's favourite politicians and journalists. His one weakness remains a tendency to bluster and over interrupt when he is outraged. And he becomes really outraged when Ken Livingstone tells lies about him. That's the sort of thing that has always annoyed me to. Boris has come of age during this campaign. Ken Livingstonewasn't bad last night, but the problem for me is that I don't believe a word that he says. Brian Paddick was awful. Not only do I think that Boris deserves to win, but I also think that he will make a huge success of the job if he does.


Anonymous said...

yes boris was better last night but he finished poorly with the question about food it was a silly question but it was a pity after such a creditable performance hes got my vote

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

If Boris wins then this will be such a sweet candy rose button thing for the Conservative Party and very much deserved. Been a long time coming.

"If I didn't know better" I would say that Gordon Brown is a Conservative Party mole - well, he could be with the way he is sinking his own party down the plug hole. But he isn't - is he? Can't be! No, he's not - absolutely doodly not a mole. Moles have good purpose - unlike velcro Brown.

Unixman said...

It's Ken's to lose I am afraid rather than Boris's to win.

PS Did you see the piece on Llanymynech last night on Midlands Today? Worth a look at.

Go to "Watch Latest Edition In Full" and its about 11 mins in ...

frankie said...

I didn't see it, as soon as I realized that the usually brilliant 'Questiontime' had been hyjacked by the tedious question of who is going to be mayor of London - I switched off. It has no relevance whatsoever for anyone outside London.

frankie said...

Oh whoops, sorry about the typo - meant hi-jacked!

Ordovicius said...

Sorry Glyn, but I'm afraid I agree with Mr Dale on this one.

Freda Speech said...

Boris was a cartoon character as usual.
I agree this mayoral race is of no interest to Wales.
I am sure Red Ken will get back in
and so what,will Cardiff Bay benefit I bet Rhodri has never spoken or consulted with KL

Glyn Davies said...

anon - agreed. He started being authoritative and forgot towards the end.

Uximan - will look.

Frankie and freda - agreed but it interests me because of its wider impact on my party - and on my prospects.

Ordo - you are setting the bar too high, and so is Mr Dale. There are some elections when a big element of show bizz is needed, and the London mayoral eletion is one of them.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Well, I'm with you Glyn, Boris adds some Dulux to the show. London is not Bedwas. Boris is the right fit for London, imho.

Will be so cool if he wins it for the Conservative Party - anything to drive the momentum onward and upward against Gordon Brown.

Of course, I might change my tune if Gordon Brown is run out of town by his own MPs since I am a natural Labour supporter, my roots more or less make me so, but I am also for giving the working poor and those trapped on benefits the tools to better themselves, issues that I still don't think the Conservative Party really understands.

Meanwhile - onward and upward for Boris. Boris for Mayor!

WR said...

Welsh Raptor approves this message:

Boris is made for London. He's the main main man. Vote Boris.