Friday, April 25, 2008

Just prattling on after a wine tasting session.

Life is a bit samey at present. I'm out supporting our Council candidates in Montgomeryshire whenever I can find the time. And I'm also trying to keep up with the early summer work in the garden. This afternoon I've been constructing a slate circular seat around a slate monument on top of our newly created mount - photograph shortly. The weather has been kind in that the nothing much is growing and the garden is 'on hold'. Two hot days would send me into a tailspin. I need summer to hang fire until next Friday.

Back to the stump. Montgomeryshire is such an interesting constituency. Campaigning style is so varied - depending on which part I'm working in. In the East, near Offa's Dyke, supporting Mark at Four Crosses, people are happy to tell me that they are voting Conservative (or not) - and they are doing. Seriously encouraging. For the first time in my political life, being a Conservative in Montgomeryshire feels like a major bonus. Could get to enjoy this. In Llanfyllin, last night it was so different. Two hours door knocking and no-one would cough up which way they intended to vote. It felt good though. In Newtown today three people told me that they were not voting because we (politicians in general that is) only came around at election time. I did wonder what they would say if we came around when it wasn't! This Council election is so important to me. If I'm going to seriously threaten the Lib Dem majority at the next General Election, I need at least four Montgomeryshire Conservatives to give us our first ever decent base . Next Thursday, I'll be more nervous than the candidates. Shadow Secretary of Wales, Cheryl Gillan put me in a good mood when her office rang to say she wanted to spend three hours with us on election day. If we win six, Lembit Opik is toast - but that's only my opinion.

And back to the garden. This is a big, big summer for us. Several W.I.s, Merched y Wawrs and garden clubs have booked up for visits, and No 3 son, Tim is marrying Adrienne, a good Catholic girl who bullys me unmercifully. The reception is in a marquee on the lawn on the 39th anniversary of the day Mrs D and I were hitched. And we're converting outbuildings into a house for Mrs D's mum to move into before the wedding. So much pressure. Being an Assembly Member was a doddle compared with all this. I'll try to read the papers tomorrow and catch up with what's happening in the political world.


Welsh Raptor said...

Eh bach, y don't you run a contest wherein you toy a card-board cut-out of Gordon Brown and invite locals to throw bad apples and pears at it. A bit OTT yes, but would bring the news crews and further the demise of the Labour Party - associating GB with Labour has to mean more votes for the other parties including the CP.

Welsh Raptor said...

make that "tow a card-board cut-out of ..."

Welsh Whiskey said...

On this "Just prattling on" theme; isn't that what 'velcro' Gordon Brown does?

Velcro is in Wales isn't he? Grabbing photo-opportunities that show he's a custard pie of the people.

This Gordon Brown, this cartoon cut-out, this weazel of a man, the Danes should publish cartoons that depict Brown as the Grim Reaper of nu-Labour.

If the Danes did so, there would be no rioting or burnings on the streets of Britain, instead folks would be handing out sweets in the streets.

Glyn Davies said...

welsh raptor - not really my style, but I've one or two colleagues who might be interested.

Welsh whiskey - I'm told that he managed to upset the public and the media in Swansea yesterday, by refusing to talk to them. He was only prepared to talk to one local journalist and PA News. It seems that he isn't able to do anything right at the moment.

Left Field said...

three people told me that they were not voting because we (politicians in general that is) only came around at election time. I did wonder what they would say if we came around when it wasn't!

Actually, I did try that with my local Labour Party in the 80s. We were trying to beat a local SDP councillor who had a strong personal vote, by doing pretty much the same thing. He was always calling on people to see if he could do anything for them.

We solved loads of problems, and achieved a stunning 0.5% swing. I guess we were Johnny come latelys.

Still, that's how the Liberals took a lot of council seats with pavement politics.

Gordon Brown Should Go! said...

It would bring the cameras - and the trick here is that you don't use Lembit's image on the card-board cut out, so you are not going negative on "opposing counsel". "Just a thought, not a sermon".

Anonymous said...

Another thing , bach, have you perchance seen the County Times this week? There on the front tpage we have Sian Lloyd saving rural post offices, whilst Grope-it is there doing showbiz.......Says it all really!

Glyn Davies said...

left field - this is true. We have learned this lesson, and any ward we win will indeed have an annual visit from the Councillor.

anon - I have seen the County Times, and noted Sian at my local Post Office in Castle Caereinion (I live between CC and Berriew). Sian is involved in several important local issues, including supporting our Post Offices and opposing blanket coverage of our uplands with wind turbines. I tend to skip the showbiz stuff.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn: do you think Sian Lloyd might take the next step and run for a local political/council position? Would be interesting, particularly if she run as Liberal-Independent!