Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Edna's snoop on William's droop.

Edna was on this morning. She's been out of action recently with a dodgy knee - all this cleaning of slates in the Assembly. She would have had a replacement knee already, if she lived in England. Poor woman was in an awful state. She was walking past the office of the Assembly's top caretaker, William Graham on Monday and heard him wailing uncontrollable. It seems he had been told that a couple had been found having sex in a baby changing room in the Senedd - and he was partly responsible. He had given them permission, though he had not been aware of the precise position when his permission was sought (so to speak). Poor William was so upset that his Phaliopedilum went limp. Actually, Edna was in the Assembly when the deed was done and didn't take much notice and thought it the sort of thing that politicians do - even if she thought it was a bit unusual to arrange for it to be filmed. She saw some TV series a few months back when the political stall and lobbyists seemed to do nothing much else. Live and let live is Edna's motto. Only thing that annoyed her is that she'd just cleaned the place, and these two rampants had messed it up again.

But the reason she rang me was more local. She was cleaning in Powys County Council offices last week when she heard an interesting bit of news. Interesting to local developers anyway. It seems that Gareth Thomas, the Council's Head of Planning is retiring in a few weeks time. This is a really big issue in Powys. I have more approaches from Montgomeryshire people about planning than any other issue. I wonder whether these two things are connected. Turnover of staff at Powys Planning Department has been a bit like the last 15 minutes of a rugby international, when its a job to keep up to date with who's on the field. Reason Edna told me was this was not going to be made public yet, so I'd best not pass on this bit of information on.

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