Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tree to Remember

Big job this morning was planting this Magnolia - a soulangiana type. It arrived by lorry from the Derwen Garden Centre at ten, and I recruited Phil next door and his digger to shift it into its permanent home. Looks as if its been there for ever, even though it had been in the ground for but 10 minutes when this photograph was taken. Whenever anything significant happens in our lives at Cil Farm, we plant a tree in the garden. One problem with trees of this maturity is that it will need to be roped to a support to prevent it being blown about, and watered for its first season. It has joined another special Magnolia soulangiana in the garden to make a special pair, but its flowering perhaps 10 days before it normally would in our garden - so it might make another appearance on my blog when its partner is also in full glory. Anyway, Mrs D suggested the perfect sheltered spot for her, and she looks absolutely terrific.

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