Monday, April 27, 2009

Aled was right.

I hate it when I'm wrong. I'm blogging late because I'll be tossing and turning in my bed tonight, as I search the recesses of my mind for the silver lining which will soothe my suffering. What makes it doubly painful is that my association Chairman, Aled predicted exactly what would happen. To be fair he had the good grace not to gloat. But here, in the privacy of my office, as midnight approaches, I can admit to myself that I feel dejected.

The problem is that I have this consuming interest in 'How Wales is Governed'. I've briefed myself on the issue to a high standard, and like all obsessives, want to enthuse others to share my interest. So over recent days I have been delivering invitations to the people of Llanfyllin to join me for a discussion of this most fascinating of subjects in their Town Institute earlier tonight. I can only describe the turnout as meagre - not in quality, but in quantity. I'd hoped for at least twenty. I'd been looking forwards to chiding Aled, who had predicted that very few people would leave the comfort of their homes to hear me outline how Wales is currently governed, and what moving from part three to part four of the Government of Wales Act would mean for us all. I do so hate it when I'm wrong.

But tomorrow I must rise up like a phoenix from this pit of dejection, and set about the people of Montgomery - stuffing invitations through their letterboxes. Perhaps they will come rushing out from their houses in droves on Thursday evening to engage with me in a lively debate about the complexities inherent in Legislative Competence Orders. Oh how I would enjoy such a miracle. How I would enjoy telephoning Aled on some other unconnected matter, and nonchalantly making reference to a room full to the gunnels of people desperate to listen to me, and to a discussion, both scintillating and uplifting for all. Oh please let it be.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Glyn. They'll show their support to you where it counts - at the ballot box

Anonymous said...

Awwww Glyn,you should have called it by a sexier name. marketing is key.
So something like "Glyn shares his obsession" would have had em queueing
Any way its quality not quantity

Sarah said...

Don't you just hate it when he's right! It's so annoying.

To be fair though I myself wondered how many people would attend, I did in fact speak to Aled this afternoon on another matter and asked him how it went, how many people attended and he said not many. If it helps he wasn't gloating.

I think there is perhaps a different point to consider and it is ''how do we as politicians, local or national, how do we increase the public's interest and participation in democracy and politics?"

I think there are people interested but perhaps there are just as many people not interested, they don't understand it maybe, they don't think it affects them, they simply don't care, any of those reasons and many more besides probably.

We need to increase and encourage participation in democracy and politics, then we can all make a difference together.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn: don’t forget -> be a cuckoo at ‘every opportunity’!

What I have noticed stateside is that politicians go to festival events like bees around a honey pot. There they get face time with constituents or prospective constituents.

There was a huge event just a few days ago in my current 'home state" of Virginia - all the political names were there, especially prospective governors of the state. The former head of DNC was there.

I'm sure you go to the regular public events where at least some of the crowd know you, e.g., local farmers.

But don't miss the big outdoor festivals and fairs where you can hand rub the flesh (hands) of prospective voters.

It's the 'numbers game', and it is good to be at events with historical high turn-outs, as Obama’s top aid might put it: “Don’t waste a good festival!”

You’re going to WIN!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I can but hope so.

VM - I've bounced back. I'm confident there will be a decent turn-out at Montgomery on Thursday.

Sarah - Serious point. I wish I knew. But when we give up trying its time to get out of politics.

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - Point taken. However I don't look on being a candidate as just a 'means to an end' - but as an 'end' in itself. Its the only way I can generate the crucial enthusiasm.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn, you are Principled to the core!

Go win some loyal fans!


Walk around supermarket car parks!

If a few supporters can be with you wearing bright blue and looking feverishly active so much the better.

Get noticed!

Stand on a soap box!

Create your own Hyde Park Corner!

Offer free home made lemonade on the side of the road on hot days! (Serve a flyer as a napkin!)

Swing voters are the target, anoraks are harder to convert.

Don’t be put off!

Get out where people/swing-voters are.

Offer free toothpaste for voters wanting to rid themselves of the taste of dirty Labour politics!


BE GLYN DAVIES - EnerGized Bunny for Montgomeryshire!

You are going to WIN!