Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Edna at the 'Kremlin'.

Edna Mopbucket, who does a bit of 'itinerant' cleaning and occasionally listens in at keyholes is a very nice woman. Never a bad word for anyone. But today she was incandescent. The subject of her ire was Powys County Councillor for Montgomery, Stephen Hayes. Seems a decent enough chap to me, but I cannot repeat on this family blog some of the things she said she wanted to do to him. I doubt whether he's ever had such things done. And if he has, it would have cost him big-time. Anyway, after I promised to put a good word in for her with the man for whom she has the 'hots', Councillor Bob Mills, she calmed down and told me what it was that raised her blood to such a pitch.

Seemed she'd been listening in at today's meeting of the Executive Board of the Council, and straight after approval of the minutes, the aforementioned Councillor Hayes leapt in with a personal attack on Edna. She couldn't believe her ears. And then they were all having a go at her. Seems they're all in favour of keeping things secret (at least this is what Edna said) and they want another whistle blower hunt to find out who's been leaking all these issues that they would prefer to be kept 'confidential'. Seems that the 'Interim' Chief Executive is going to bring forward a special item for discussion. Edna doesn't know at this stage whether he's going to recommend spending several thousand pounds of taxpayer's money, trying to find the culprit. "Its like the bl**** Kremlin" she said. After a while she sniggered. "Never catch me though. I just keep my head down over the mop, and they don't notice I'm there". Then she started telling me about all sorts of 'confidential' stuff concerning the absolute cock up that the Assembly has made of the business advisory service. She was amused to hear Board members being told about it all today, as if it was news - while she's known about it all for months. "They make problems for themselves by trying to keep all these things secret - and for no apparent reason" she said. That's the thing about Edna. She's not daft. I'd vote for her.


A very disillusioned ex business advisor said...

This mess up is not just in Powys its all over Wales and the spin that's been out on it s is amazing
The whole affair should be looked at by an appropriate committee and Europe needs to be brought in. Between DET and WEFO this is one of the biggest cock ups I have ever seen.
Even worse the system they have put in to try and redeem the mess is even worse.
At a time when business needs help and support its unforgivable.
If a business counsellor needs to work with an sme or social enterprise it takes three-four hours to fill in the paperwork,and that if your used to it.
Those hours count towards the time allocated to supporting that business.
But if you listen to WAG its all wonderful, but off the record even they say its a real pigs ear.

Anonymous said...

Still lots of finger poitning going on in Powys as to the real identity of Edna 'The Stig' Mopbucket.
It looks as though a few of the Executive Board members cages are being rattled over the ever emerging 'confidential' information.
Powys County Council more leaky than a tea strainer!

Suzy Davies said...

VDEBA - Unforgivable's the word. Goodness knows what kind of meal they've made of this. Powys doesn't even get crumbs off the table this time. Find it hard, even with my woefully basic grasp of employment law, that TUPE regs are being blamed.

Drop me a line on bandrtories@btconnect.com if you'd like to talk about this further. I'll keep Glyn in the loop


lads said...

I'm sure Glyn will pass on the message - "all power to your mop Edna". As long as PCC tries to keep "secret" issues which clearly should be in the public domain we need the Ednas of this world to keep talking to you Glyn!

Glyn Davies said...

avdeba - I'll do a seperate post on this next week - but my understanding is that the Council has quite rightly told the Assembly Government to sort out their own 'pig's ear.

Anon - The problem arises because there seems to be a wholly unrealistic and pointless desire to keep thing secret. Truth is that I don't publish anything which is 'confidential'. Some of the Councillors seem to be saying this - but never to my face. I post on stuff that is already in the public domain, though not in the newspapers. Often its material that some of them would prefer not to be published.

Suzy - Its just got a whole lot worse. Assembly Government has made a total 'horlicks' and is trying to dump the problem on the Councils.

lads - Don't give her any encouragement. She's bad enough as it is.

bemused_or_confused said...

ha ha - I love your tone in your recent 'leak' blogs Glyn - the brave local (would-be) politician fighting the feckless, incompetent, petty, council officers who want to keep the public all in the dark. And wow - the revelations you are giving us - how shocked and dismayed are we at the revelations!!

Carry on Glyn - fight the good fight - every time they try to beat you down, respond with another amazing blog - we are in awe - and just HAVE to vote you into Westminster next election.

;) lol