Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Smeargate - and implosion.

The reason that 'smeargate' is not going away is that there seems no recognition by Gordon Brown of the seriousness of what has been revealed. He cannot accept that the brutal strategy that has maintained his power base for many years has been laid bare. The people of Britain are shocked by what they see exposed before them. They are concerned that Gordon Brown is a threat to Britain's democratic heritage. This is no longer a row between political parties. Today's most wounding attacks on Labour have not been coming from the Conservatives. They've been coming from the Labour people who have been brutalised by these thugs, and from journalists who have been aware for years that Gordon Brown has surrounded himself with a small cabal of ruthless operators who would stop at nothing to destroy anyone who does not pay homage at the Prime Minister's feet. The reason it no longer matters that Gordon Brown says 'Sorry' is that no-one would think he meant it. Sure, he regrets that such vile emails were written, but we know that he has employed Damian McBride for ten years because he believes that all opposition to himself must be squashed. Macavity never did know about the specifics - but approved of the generality. The troops just carried out what they believed their boss wanted them to do. Thank God that the scales have fallen from the eyes of the British people.


Anonymous said...

I must be very naive, but I can't understand why Gordon Brown has not resigned.

heads of banks and large public companies have resigned. Heads of NHS Trusts have resigned. Heads of government departments and councils and council departments have resigned. Remember the calls for resignations over the death of baby P?

None of these people had direct day-to-day contact with their employees. None knew what actions their employees were taking day to day. They were though expected to have systems in place so that reports would be received.

The head of Childrens Services at Hammersmith could not possibly have known what each and every social worker was doing or not doing, but there was an outcry demanding her resignation.

Why is Gordon Brown so different? He is the head of government, in charge of the number 10 "machine". As such, the buck stops with him.

It seems that there are a different set of rules for him. He is in charge, he should fall on his sword, but unfortunately the man has no honour.

Anonymous said...

We need a change of government now!

alanindyfed said...

Let us hope that the people of Britain do in fact see the machinations of this scheming and conniving government in stark relief. Their doings undermine the very fundamentals of English, Welsh and Scottish life and culture and are totally lacking in principle and concern, while their smooth talking and glib propagandists, notably James Purnell and Hazel Blears, seek to brainwash the public into praise and adulation of the great leader.

Anonymous said...

welsh conservatives compiled a dossier on how to undemine rhodri and used it.....any resignations?

Brown got rid of the man in question as soon as, what more could he do?

I am still a little worried over how these e mails got out also?

Hot (maybe) off the press said...

Looks like Gordon has apologised ...


Slow-Glass in "DC" said...

Team Brown would like to provide transparency, but through 'slow-glass'.

Where rays of light are slowed down in the slow-glass.

People would buy panes of slow-glass placed in front of forest, glen, desert scenes - a '25 year vintage' pane of slow-glass with years of stored images of idylic sun-sets and sun-rises. Buyers could fit them to windows so whatever view is outside they wake up and go to bed with a fantastic view of a forest scene, etc. Families with lost ones could reverse panes of two-way slow-glass to watch loved ones now long passed away.

Team Brown would like to use transparent 1000 year vintage pane of slow-glass. No need for public enquiries about this email smear or that other thing. Public would get to see all the goings on - 1,000 years from now.

("Slow-Glass", described in a Sci-Fi story; sorry, not able to quote the author, lost to memories).

alanindyfed said...

"Looks like Gordon has apologised "

Very uncharacteristic of him....
can it be that he is waking up to the public outrage,
or is he too thick-skinned to care?

Glyn Davies said...

Dalesman - I thought you were indeed naive - until I read your last paragraph!

Anon - There is but 13 months left anyway. Not long to go.

Alan - Must admit that I find James Parnell (and Alan Johnstone) to be ok.

Anon - so you are equating a dossier making a mocking reference to Rhodri's dress sense with an email suggesting spreading false rumours about the mental health of the Shadow Chancellor's wife. Hmmm.

Hot off the press and Aan - He has now said he was sorry. He was desperate to get this story off the media, and bit the bullet. I agree that its time to move on from this shabby affair - unless Paul Staines has held something back to give the story more legs. Wouldn't put it past him.

alanindyfed said...

It's Purnell actually.
And what do you say about Liam Byrne?