Thursday, April 09, 2009

'Style' and 'No Style'.

You can always judge a man by the respect he shows to others. Its just a matter of style. Obama has got it, and Gordon Brown hasn't.


Anonymous said...

thats why he can never win the next election.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I'm not exactly a lover of Gordon Brown, but I do think we should remember that he is totally blind in one eye (rugby accident).

Brown has trained himself to look straight ahead even though naturally his brain will tend to look to one side. I should imagine that it is very hard to do interviews fighting the natural tendency to look slightly to one side while facing an interviewer.

What if a child did have autism – would we begrudge that child for getting on in his/her desired career? Wouldn’t we applaud him/her for getting ahead despite his/her social handicap?

I hate Gordon Brown’s policies; I hate what he has done to the fabric of the UK. The sooner he is no longer leading the British government the better. Perhaps after Brown’s ‘tinkering’ with what makes Britain ‘British’ there will be a desire to let the people decide who the leader of the country should be – by a national election.

Like I said, “I’m not exactly a lover of Gordon Brown”, but picking on Brown like Guido Fawkes has just done because of an actual or perceived mental handicap is not nice.

No Golden Star this time for Guido Fawkes.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I thought so too, but Christopher has made an interesting point which I had not thought of. It may be that the Prime Minister's eyesight, or the way he's learned to cope with it did play a part. In which case this bit of video is not funny at all.