Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Giant Bowel on display in Cardiff

Hayley emailed me today, inviting me to what really must be the most unusual event of the year in Cardiff tomorrow morning. I am distraught that I cannot attend. Oh, how I would like to have been there. She tells me that an 11 metre colon is to be unveiled outside Cardiff Central Fire Station. The Fire Service has been recruited to inflate it. My first thought was that the giant colon should have been attached to the big vent above the National Assembly Debating Chamber. It would have been fully inflated in minutes if it coincided with First Minister's Questions.

You may well ask what this is all about. Well, its six months since the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme was launched for 60-70 year olds in Wales, and inflating an 11 metre colon must have seemed an eye catching way to mark the occasion. I'm in Cardiff on Thursday, and I hope that the contents of the colon will not have been expelled. A few weeks ago, I underwent a colonoscopy, without anaesthetic, and so know exactly what a colon looks like. I'd like to check it out. Wonder what sort of props a testicular cancer screening programme would have used.

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