Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Confidence' betrayed.

Another Powys County Council post. A while back, I was told that a 'confidential' letter had been dispatched from the Powys Independent Group to Liberal Democrat Councillors on the Council. But I decided not to blog about it, because I was told that it was strictly 'confidential'. But a Lib Dem blogger, David Peter has put the contents of this confidential letter in the public domain here. The gist of it is that the Liberal Democrats are being asked if they would like to form a 'coalition' with the Powys Independents - firstly, to change the structure of the Council, and secondly, to form a governing 'Cabinet'. The aim seems to be to remove the Conservatives and the Montgomeryshire Independent Group from any positions of influence within the Council.

At present, Powys County Council is run by an Executive Management Committee, formed in the most bizarre way. Its 15 members are chosen on the basis of how many seats each 'group' holds, and the Council 'leader' is chosen by the largest group. The effect of this means that there is no formal 'opposition' at all within the Council, (which is why genuine 'scrutiny' is so important). It also means that the Council's 'leader' can be chosen by no more than a small minority of Councillors. I'm told he gets naggy when this is pointed out - but it happens to be the truth. So happens that I, personally agree with this change, even if I don't believe the Conservative Councillors do.

I say this to disabuse David Peter of his misguided notion that I have influence over the Conservative Group. Truth is David that the Conservative Group have a lot more influence over me than I do over them. And that is exactly how it should be, particularly on issues that concern local government matters. Anyway, I was disappointed to see a letter so clearly marked 'Confidential' appearing on a political blog. You really can't trust anyone today to keep a secret.


Anonymous said...

oh Glyn you don't half talk rubish. He hasn't published a confentsl letter he's commented on the front page story of his local paper.

Anonymous said...

So who does hold the power in the Conservatives in Powys? I'm not sure anyone knows the answer. I've watched them and they appear together at times and then not so at other times.

Who's the whip? Surely it's up to them to keep the group together.

Uuh (element 116) said...

This seems to be the URL:

Glyn Davies said...

anon - pedant.

anon - I'm told by members of other groups that the Conservatives are well organised and very cohesive. Inevitably there will be disagreements. Nothing wrong with that.

David Peter said...

I think that you owe me an apology for alleging that I have betrayed a confidence. As should be clear to all by now, including you Glyn, I was merely quoting a story that appeared on the front page of the Brecon & Radnor Express.

If you had read the relevant post then the source was made absolutely clear.

Glyn Davies said...

David - Apology granted. I did have you down as having a sense of humour though.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch that David Peter does have a sense of humour, he rarely finds Conservatives funny

Sarah said...


We do have a whip .... me, but to be honest we are a very organised group, able to discuss issues amongst ourselves and make informed choices we consider to be right for our residents.

I must say with the greatest of respect, I very much doubt David Peter ever finds anything we do, in particular me at all funny but hey you win some, you lose some. To be honest I'm quite surprised he reads your blog, particularly when he finds us so irritating,, can't think why he would want to read it.

Back to the original story, the possible coalition, I think we will have to wait and see what the Lib Dem group decide to do. Another point who's to say all of the PIA group are in agreement, maybe they are but then again maybe they are not.

I do however hope that whatever they decide to do, they will consult with the residents they represent and that their wishes and wellbeing will be at the heart of whatever decision is eventually decided.

It certainly isn't going to happen overnight, if I'm not mistaken Cllr Les Davies, the Lib Dem leader says he will take it to his group at their next meeting which is sometime in May.