Saturday, April 11, 2009


I do hope that my daily newspaper, the Telegraph is not involved in some stunt with the two individuals who massively popular blogger, Guido Fawkes reckons are behind a smutty smear campaign against leading Conservatives. Guido's post on this is worth reading (and Iain Dale's post) before you read the Telegraph story. I don't know either Gordon Brown's political advisor in No 10 Downing Street , a man named Damian McBride, but Guido is fingering him as the man behind it all. Guido reckons there are others as well - and he's going to name them. We have seen the other main player involved in this brewing scandal, one Derek Draper. Over recent months, he has frequently appeared on the media, speaking in support of the Labour Government. Personally, I find his general approach so unpleasant that I usually exercise my right to turn the TV off whenever he comes on.

I don't normally blog on this type of story - but this one looks different to me. It smells of something rotten that has been going on at the heart of the Labour Government. And they know it. Which is why a spoiling story has been placed in one of our national newspapers today. If it does turn out that the Telegraph has been an integral part of this, I will be changing my newspaper after decades of loyalty.

UPDATE - And now the BBC has joined in. Not sure whether this is in response to No 10's rebuttal unit's strategy to de-toxify the story before it breaks bigtime in tomorrow's papers.

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DC 'icon' said...

The liver 'detoxification' process continues apace. Just read on Wales-Online that 'One of Gordon Brown's closest aides (Damian McBride) has resigned after sending "juvenile and inappropriate" emails from a Number 10 account.'