Friday, April 17, 2009

Now that's what I call a raffle prize.

I read in today's Telegraph that Hilary Clinton is raffling off a day with her husband and ex-President, Bill Clinton. Must be her way of bringing a little pleasure into his life, now that she's so busy in her new role as US Secretary of State. There is no reference to any restrictions on what activities the 'day' might comprise of. Bill and the winner will have to work out a plan. I wonder how many raffle tickets Monica Lewinski has bought. Or perhaps manufacturers of Cuban cigars will buy thousands of tickets - hoping to win an appearance by Bill in a promotional video called something like 'How to make the most of your Havana'. Daresay I'm being unfair to the former President, but he'll never live down his reputation for inappropriate 'enjoyment' of ladies company. One of William Hague's best anecdotes concerned the responses given by 100 American women, chosen at random, when they were asked if they would be willing to sleep with Bill Clinton. 20 said yes, 20 said no, and 60 said "never again". I think William thought of that one himself.

I suppose the ex-President could be slowing down a bit though, now that he's becoming something of an elder statesman. Happens to the best. When he was 82, and not too long after a knee replacement, the late Clement Freud said "When recently propositioned by a woman to "come upstairs and make love", I had to explain it was a case of one or the other. That was in today's Telegraph as well.

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