Thursday, March 26, 2009

What must the rest of Britain think of us?

Vaughan Roderick has written a blog post concerning the latest campaign by the MP for Montgomeryshire. It concerns his regular column for the Daily Sport. It seems the Independent has reported here that Lembit Opik is upset that it isn't possible to access the Daily Sport website from the House of Commons. Coincidentally, the MP for Montgomeryshire writes a regular column for this utterly disreputable newspaper, which is suitable to be read only by seedy characters, hidden in dark corners, wearing macs and dark glasses. I don't suppose any other similar publications are available to MPs either. And quite right to.

The people of Montgomeryshire really should know about this stuff - so like Vaughan, I'll give you a flavour of what his political reflections which he is so angry is not available to his fellow-MPs, while they sit at their office computers.

"Drinking is about attitudes so I suggest an advertising campaign starring Daily Sport babes. It could feature my friend Lucinda warning "If you're out chugging I'm not hugging". That might sober up the male population.

My bubbly buddy, Nicole Shamier (we're just good friends by the way) spends evenings in watching Panorama while I'm busy researching stories for the Daily Sport, out with my chums Gemma and Ashlea Massey.....But just think...... If my delightful friend, Gemma cocked up her pension contributions, should she privatise herself? And if her lovely sister Ashlea was in debt, should she be nationalised? NEVER. In my book, these lovely ladies should always belong in the bosom of the Sport."

Tell me what you think of this. Hope I don't need to remind you that anything tasteless or libellous will not be allowed.


B Griffiths said...

The man is an utter embarrassment.
What have the people of Montgomeryshire done to deserve him?

Bonetired said...

Look on the bright side: he makes your task a damn sight easier!

That sort of rubbish must be worth a few votes for you

MH said...

Both you and Heledd have a tricky path to tread in the run up to the election next year.

You obviously can't make fun of someone who can't help it, but you can't help but make fun of him if he's doing it deliberately.

'DC' man said...

It appears that Lembit Opik is making the case against Lembit Opik's re-election better than anyone else can.

Plaid's candidate is undoubtedly better looking than Lembit and/or Glyn Davies. But will this be enough for the good folks of Montgomeryshire to vote for the Plaid PPC? Probably not.

Glyn Davies would rather not throw mud at a man who is burying himself in the brown stuff faster than a cat dancing on a hot tin roof.

Glyn would rather not throw mud at Plaid’s PPC - but focusing on the multi-headed, multi-message party of Plaid is very legitimate.

Seems reasonable therefore to adopt continuous faint praise for the Plaid PPC in combination with reminders about the multi-positions taken up by members in Plaid.

When Plaid-Party says it stands for one thing, but its leader takes the opposite view then that is fair game.

How can anyone trust a party that says one thing, but does a contra position come vote time.

How does Plaid deserve votes when its leader supports nuke power in his constituency while the party takes a contrary position.

Contrary positions on student/university fees, ETC.

Wanting ABC, but fudging it because Rhodri's party wants it stretched out to the point ABC is rendered moot.

Anonymous said...

Voted for him B Griffiths.Lets hope it doesn't happen again.

JB said...

It's a good job he has called 'TO KEEP THE FAITH IN PUBLIC LIFE' I could have been confused.

What a hypocrite

Glyn Davies said...

BG and Bonetired - The people of Montgomeryshire do not know about this stuff. The local media does not cover it. I do not think that Montgomeryshire people would vote for him if they did know.

MH - I have already decided on my approach. The only criticism I make publicly is about the column for the Daily Sport, which damages the image of Montgomeryshire. Heledd has started off by realing going for him. I'm not saying that's wrong - just that it doesn't suit me.

DC Man - Do you want to write my election strategy?

VM and JB - All I'll say is that they would not vote for him if they knew.

'DC' guy said...

Glyn, you’re very kind.

Love or hate the Conservatives, the political landscape in Parliament is going to change.

In the up coming changing political landscape who will best serve the people of Montgomeryshire and the people of Wales?

A candidate (Lembit) engaged in personal pursuits?

A candidate associated with a party (Plaid) with little throw-weight in Parliament?

Or the candidate best positioned to serve Montgomeryshire and Wales in the new political landscape?

MH said...

If YOU weren't "going for him" why did you post this blog entry?

Be careful about accusing others of what you yourself do. A prospective minister (perhaps even secretary) at Ty Gwyd(y)r should be careful about throwing stones.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable that Lembit Opik is actually drawing this stuff to public attention. The man has clearly lost the plot and doesn't get the fact that he's been a laughing stock for a very long time now. The Daily Sport porno dross really is the last straw. I thik you owe it to the people of Montgomeryshire to draw it to their attention. The local rag here has a censorshio policy on his idiotic behaviour. I can't bear to buy it anymore. It's tantamount to lying to the people. YOU have to be more proactive about this, even if you allow Heledd to do the other stuff

Glyn Davies said...

DC and MH - I have never hidden my distaste for our MP's decision to write a political column for the Daily Sport - and it would be the same if any other MP did it. I feel shame reading what he has written, and that is largely because of where its written - what I see as a soft porn newspaper. I would not do it, no matter how much I was offered. I have also, at least once, used this blog to disagree with him on a political matter. But his personal life is a matter for him, and I have not and do not intend to comment on it.

Anonymous said...

I respect Glyn and his political beliefs and have read this blog for a while, but found the comments he makes misleading and inaccurate regarding Lewmbit.


"I have already decided on my approach. The only criticism I make publicly is about the column for the Daily Sport"

- you have made several sly personal attacks, mentioning on his blog several personal matters after you said:

I'm always one to take well meant advice - so I will not be mentioning the Montgomeryshire representative on this blog again, unless its unavoidable.

Jan 31st 2008

I think anyone who has read this blog can see that you have mentiuoned him time and time again to personally criticse him

and i was getting dissapointed enough with all of this until you said at the end of these comments:

"But his personal life is a matter for him, and I have not and do not intend to comment on it."

This is one hundred poercent a lie and I think you need to stop presenting yourself in this manner, the tories have good narrative but when you are makinbg personal attacks defend it legitmately do not lie about it.

I will igve an example of a personal attack -->

go to december the 6th if you cant be bothered to read this:

Now, what was I doing on Dec 6th last year. I really can't remember - but we all know what Lembit Opik was doing. According to Margit Irimia in today's Daily Mail, he was busy consummating his relationship with her daughter, Gabriela. Apparently, mum has this 'act of union' marked on her calender. Mrs Iremia also tells us that 'Lem' sleeps naked - and that since the relationship started, Gabriela has taken to sleeping naked as well.

or read

december 14th

Speaking of looking for media coverage, Lembit Opik did the Santa Run on has Segway. I didn't actually notice the huge neon-lit sign on his forehead shouting "I want to be noticed".

november 13th


please stop giving the tories a bad name and be open about your tactics

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Its your comment that's misleading. While I was an AM and before I became his opponent, I did quite often seek to take some amusement at his expence. You mention dates without stating the year - probably deliberately in order to mislead.

Since I've become his opponent (something I did not ever expect to be) I have criticised him over his writing a column for the Daily Sport and one other issue that he and I agreed to let lie after a discussion. I do not accept that my comment about his use of the Segway in the Santa Run can be described as criticism - except by someone seeking to make an entirely spurious point that is.