Saturday, March 07, 2009

Awards all round.

I wonder if it will be OBEs all around now that Wales have won a rugby world championships. Or is such an honour reserved for England victories? Whatever this blog awards the SVFRW Award (Special View From Rural Wales Award to every member of the squad).


eric said...

lukcy you found out about it glyn, so far the bbc early evening and late veening reports have made no mention, and even radio 5 haven't touched on it.
I never really worry about the main beeb ingnoring wales, but to ignore an amazing world cup win, it beggers belief and there is no way that if england had won such a surprise victory that it wouldn't be covered.

Anonymous said...

Time perhaps for our own honours system - not much of the old empire left now Glyn.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I would give a well known occasionaly Wales based MP the order of the UFO or prrhaps the ABM - which I heard one of my Liberal neighbours in Cemaes refer to as Anywhere But Maldwyn after she had problems accessing him at his office in Newtown.

Anonymous said...

Rugby Sevens is a bit crap, though, isn't it? Like five-a-side football and parlour cricket.

Glyn Davies said...

Eric - That's the point I was making. If Wales had won the rugby world cup, there is no way that honours would have been showered on them like confetti as it was on the England players.And there's no way England winning the sevens world cup would have been ignored either.

Anon - There is some discussion about an 'honours' system of some sort in Wales. Personally, I do not like the idea of an Annual Medal, but I do think we should have some system. Perhaps an ABM (Acknowledgement of Brilliance Medal) would be appropriate.

Anon 2 - Sevens is a brilliant game, and is much better to watch than the 15-a-side game. Nowhere for anyone not athletic and fit to hide.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Medal of Cymru could be awarded for "exceptional achievement".
Not thrown at people like confetti, as the OBE and MBE is, but for exceptional achievements for Wales or by Welsh people.

Glyn Davies said...

Dalesman - I did not like the idea that was floated a few months ago of an Annual Medal. Some years there could be several worthy, and then perhaps none for a few years. I dread to think what system would be put together to choose. It was difficult enough being a member of 'The Politician of teh Year' judging panel!