Monday, March 16, 2009

Presumed Consent Again

This blog takes a view on the proposition that the law should presume that everyone consents to their organs being transplanted when they die, unless they have specifically stated otherwise. The current position is that organs are taken only from those who have made clear that they do consent to this happening. I have never been convinced that the law should be changed. I accept that this is a matter of conscience, and I do not criticise those who hold a different opinion to me. ConservativeHome has reproduced extracts of a speech made yesterday by Conservative MP, Stephen O'Brien, Shadow Health Minister which I would have been proud to have made myself. It outlines why I am not convinced. Please read it before you add your disagreement with my opinion in comments.


'DC sometimes' said...

'To be, or not to be: that is the question' (Shakespeare). Did you miss out "not" in the first sentence of your post Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

DC - No, but I'll change the wording to be more clear.

swansea voter said...

I think the law should be changed and find it difficult to understand why anyone would oppose a measure that will without a shadow of a doubt save lives. Still I remember Adam Price on Pawb A'i Farn a while back made an interesting suggestion. He said that all people who turn 18 should be asked to make a difinitive choice. they would of course have the right to change that opinion at a later date but this way more people would sign up to be donors (stats show around 90% of people support the idea even though only arund 27% are registered) and it would bypass the idea of presumed consent as the person would have made an active choice one way or another

alfsplace1986 said...

Can any one give me a 100% guarantee that a donators organs would be used for the purpose the donator intended. I have heard some grusome tales about them being used for research and kept for years in storage. I am sorry I was born as God intended with all my organs intact and I will die when God decides and hopefuly be cremated with them intact. What right has anyone to presume to desecrate a body without consent. I do believe the Nazis did that during the war didn't they.
Also to pressurize families when their loved one has died and they are in an emotionaly weakend state into donating the organs is equaly unacceptable.
Why not have a sustained campaign to get people to sign up if that is what they wish