Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doody's back in action.

I'm sure many of you find this a rather sad little photograph. And I confess that baby bunnies are so cute that even my flinty old heart feels some compassion - which dissolves as soon as the echinaceas start to shoot. Anyway, the sight of this pathetic little 'body' on our doorstep today visited great joy upon our household. It was Doody's way of announcing that she's back.

Regular readers will know that two gorgeous cats, Andy and Doody have recently moved in with us - and that Doody immediately sustained serious damage to her leg, (which necessitated a substantial investment on my part to repair I might add). We've been worried about her, and have wondered whether she would ever recover her hunting prowess. She must have overheard - and here is her response. Even in death there can be joy.

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Dr. Christopher Wood said...

The picture of a hunted bunny delivered proudly to her master’s doorstep raises, at least in my mind, a “what if” question.

What if the picture was hung in one of those thought provoking abstract art exhibitions?

Say - under the title: ‘The Welsh Knowledge Economy’.

Very few patents = low impact Welsh knowledge economy.

Why “low impact”? Because for each substantial innovation that lacks patent protection there will be a hungry competitor out to copy and sell the unprotected innovation at a substantially cheaper price absent having to recoup development costs.