Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eating Cheaper in the Recession

The reason that the CPI (Consumer Price Index) went up to 3.2% in February was the increasing cost of food. So we can do our bit to help out the Monetory Policy Committee by eating waste from nature's tree of plenty, which costs nothing at all - nuts, berries, grey squirrels, unwanted pets etc.. You may well turn your nose up at some of these goodies, but this is what our more astute nature lovers are turning to.

First there was a report in last weekend's Telegraph of a new breed of 'caring' people who have started to arrive at sanctuaries offering to take home rescued unwanted animals. They say that they really want them. And they are asking a new sort of question. It used to be things like "It it safe and what does it eat". Now its "Is it safe to eat". And why not I say. Why not unwanted dogs and cats as well. When I was a young man, I was horrified by the thought of eating a horse - like a horse yes, but not eating an actual horse. But after tucking into what I thought was a nice sirloin steak on a rugby tour to France and Holland - which turned out to be a slice of horse, I changed my mind. Haven't eaten horse since though, but now its not on principle. When I was very young, and had cried watching Bambi, I could never imagine eating deer. But venison is now one of my top choices.

Now I've never eaten grey squirrel (or rats, which I bracket with these horrible pests). But 'Terrine Nutkin' is very much on the menu in Angesey. In this week's Telegraph magazine, Carolyn Hart informs us that this delicacy tastes like a cross between duck and game pate. Grey Squirrel pate with hazelnuts and frangelico is available from the award winning food company, Patchwork Pate. And its free - except that you have to make a donation to Friends of Anglesey Red Squirrels.

All this does raise interesting questions. Why is it acceptable to eat rabbit, hare, wild boar, the beautiful Grey Partridge, frogs legs, Bambi and cuddly lambs - but not cats, dogs, badgers, foxes, moles, tortoises and grey squirrels? So 'Eat Squirrel Nutkin and Save the Red Squirrel'.


Anonymous said...

I've just read that Gordon Brown wins Nobel Peace Prize for Economic policy. What do you think Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

Yes - and David Davies MP and I have been jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Political Correctness

Paul said...

More chance of brown wining it than Osbourne!

Dixie in DC said...

Upon moving to the USA in '97 I read warnings not eat squirrel brains ... April 1st or not!!! There are folks who like eating them!

"Kentucky Doctors Warn Against a Regional Dish: Squirrels' Brains"


B Griffiths said...

And Jacqui Smith and her husband are to knighted for their services to the pornography industry.

Vancouver Real Estate Agent said...

New breed of "caring" people...haha. Poor animals, waiting for a good and friendly master and instead of that they get eaten. Oh well, recession has been hard on some people.

Take care, Jay

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that Lembit Grope-it would stand way more chance of being knighted for services to the pornography industry. His sadddo track record speaks for itself.
Comments on his exes claims svp Glyn - the largest in the area

Anonymous said...

Terreine Nutkin? Didn't he used to present the Really Wild Show?