Friday, March 27, 2009

The Labour Party making idiots of themselves

This video is very good news for all of Labour's opponents. It wouldn't be the first time that I've been wrong about use of the Internet, but I think it is just about the most pathetic effort I can remember. If there was ever a moment when the Labour Party lost the plot!! I hope that the Conservatives just laugh at this. Treating it with anything but contemptuous disregard will bestow upon it a level of importance that it does not merit. Yesterday we saw Dan Hannan become a world star as the result of a brilliant 3 minute video clip. Today we saw a main steam political party make a complete idiot of itself with another one.


Che Grav-ara said...

Agreed Glyn. I can't see how anyone can watch it without feeling some pity for Labour that this is their level now. It seems in campaigning, policy and performance all the other party's (yes I said it even the Lib Dems!) have passed them by.

I thought it was a wind up on Dragons Eye. It is hilariously poor! If it was done by a bored member of staff or an activist I would still think it ridiculous. That it was put together by Peter Hain, Eluned Morgan and Alun Davies and they claim it is an Obama moment for the party is just plain odd!?

Jolly Roger said...

Why, why, why vote Labour?
This looks like they're tossing their 'caber'.
The vid-e-o is dross
And the singer sounds just like a hoss.
They won't get away with slagging their political neighbour.

Why, why, why vote Tory,
With their similar NuLabour story.
They're all just the same,
Bereft of moral shame,
Supporting wars all bloody and gory.

Vote, Vote, Vote for None of These Turkeys,
'Though it seems I've an attack of the Quirkies.
Withhold your vote,
From scallywag or scrote.
Come into the light from the Murkies.

Glyn Davies said...

Che - The only serious problem is that it demeans politics. It should just be left. Personally, I thought it was a mistake for Alun to debate the issue with Peter Hain on Dragon's Eye last night. Everyone should just let people make up their own minds. There is no-one who will think this anything other than childishly idiotic, without any help from us.

Jolly Roger - A big improvement on the effort of Eluned, Peter and Alun. Its hard to believe that Eluned Morgan could write such rubbish. She has damaged herself badly.

penlan said...

I thought Eluned Morgan was the great hope of Welsh Labour.If that is true,then God help them.Nothing about our South African carpetbagger surprises me on the other hand.

What were they thinking of?They have made themselves look total mugwumps.If they thought that this is the start of the long road to recovery then their satnav needs replacing.

Jeff Jones said...

Another own goal I'm afraid. Having looked at the site it all seems pretty amateurish.Whilst it is true that Obama made use of the internet, they often forget that the key wasn't the medium but the message. He had a message to sell and he had the abilty to be a fantastic salesman for that message. At the same time after 8 years of Bush millions of Americans were receptive to Obama's narrative and that was the key to his eventual success. The video and the song were frankly an embarrassment. Even the name of the website is odd. If you are expecting to appeal to younger people or even people who might not be interesting in politics then Aneurin Glyndwr isn't going to press any buttons. Most people have never even heard of Nye Bevan or Owain Glyndwr for that matter. Aneurin Glyndwr is just the sort of name that Oliver Postgate would have given to one of the station staff in Ivor the Engine!

Anonymous said...

Any kudos Eluned got for debating with Adam Price a few weeks back is down the pan. Agreed Glyn. With the lyrics and singing Eluned has tarnished her reputation.

The Blessed Cynic said...

As a Plaid spokesperson said in the Western mail on St Paddy’s Day

“To be lectured on donations by a Labour Party which accepted £1m from Bernie Ecclestone, was humiliated by the loans for peerages scandal and, even while the credit crunch destroys our economy, receives huge donations from venture capitalists and investment bankers like Sir Ronald Cohen and Jon Aisbitt is a surreal experience”.

Eluned Morgan has clearly lost the plot and to allow herself to be linked to the wagons of two losers such as Hain and Alun davies shows how far her political star has fallen, despite the best efforts of Vaughan Roderick and the rest of the political crew at the BBC.

Anonymous said...

"main steam political party"?

Gavin said...

What a Joke!

Patriot said...

There is more than the video Glyn. A rather nice retort to your argument that despite the rest of the world being opposed to the Tory plan to cut public expenditure in the biggest downturn known to man, you are justified by one comment made by the governor of the bank of England. I think this is what's known in the trade as a 'one plank' argument and in the case of your party a pretty wobbly one as the website points out. Incidently the Guardian today has published more figures today supporting my position stated on this blog and discrediting the Tories analysis. You may say its a left wing paper but the statistics can be independently confirmed from a number of sources. To reiterate:

1. Our fiscal stimulus is smaller in % terms than the USA and no bigger than any developed country.

2. Our national debt is smaller in % terms than the USA and most developed countries by a wide margin.

Net conclusion - the Tories are the only political movement in the free world proposing to cut public expenditure. I just don't believe the public are daft enough to swallow this neanderthal economics a second time.

Savonarola said...

Patriot you may be right. You may be wrong. You do not know, I do not know and G Brown does not know.

Its a fact that our banks have greater external assets than any other G20 banks.

How can you value our contingent liabilities. The assets of our nationalised banks exceeds our GDP. How much will those assets be written down.

UK plc is one big hedge fund. Manager G Brown.Neanderthal economics indeed.

Lionel Robbins said...

There is quite a good critique of the dilemma facing any future Tory government by Bagehot in this week's Economist.What Patriot and the other spinners should realise is the age of spin is well passed its sell by date. Calling Mervyn King,for example, 'Merv the Swerve' doesn't answer his argument regarding any future financial stimulus. Whoever runs Britain after 2010 will have to take some difficult decisions. If the IMF predictions are right the UK's budget deficit by 2010 will be 11% of GDP which is the highest in the G20.The inability of the Treasury to sell all the government bonds this week shows that the international monetary markets will not tolerate such a deficit for long. Since I can't see any of the mainstream parties increasing basic income tax by about 8p in the pound to cover this deficit then whoever is in government will have to cut public expenditure. The real argument between the parties should be about where the cuts will come. Any party that goes into the next election pretending that there will be no cuts and that life will not be very tough after 2010 will not be seen as credible by the UK electorate I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

This is a cheap and nasty video which no-one will take seriously.

What a joke for one of the main political parties to release it.

Glyn Davies said...

All - Seems as if we are all in agreemant that its a very silly video.

I'll pass on the economic stuff. I am influenced by my background as a small-ish businessman, who has never believed in borrowing money that I cannot pay back, but I accept that it may be different for Governemnts in a deep recession. However I do notice that an increasaing number of commentators seem to be saying the same thing a me.