Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't be stupid - Its a 'Blimp'.

Recently, a public meeting was called in Welshpool to discuss the impact that the transport of wind turbines through the town might have. I informed the 240 strong audience that a new prototype 'Blimp' helicopter that is being developed as a joint venture between a Canadian company, SkyHook International Inc. and Boeing. Its thought that this machine will be able to lift up to 40 tonnes, and will be able to transport wind turbines to remote locations without disrupting towns like Welshpool. You can read more about the 'Blimp' here. Reason I thought about this today was when browsing through the BBC website, I came upon this very silly item . Typical of the BBC, I thought. Always looking for some 'sexual' angle to the most innocuous of stories. The report suggests that the 60' design painted on the roof of the house in Berkshire is an item of what I'll refer to as a gentleman's personal equipment. How stupid can they be. It was the original design on which the 'Blimp' was based.

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