Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just doing my bit for honest broadcasting.

This video clip showing the forensic and total demolition of Gordon Brown by Dan Hannan in the European Parliament's debating chamber this week has been viewed by huge numbers of people, despite being totally ignored by the mainstream media. Its breath-taking. Dan Hannan is everything that Gordon Brown is not - clear, precise, and devastating in his ability to land blows on the target. The failure of the our mainstream media to bring us such an interesting speech, combined with its sycophantic reporting of the Prime Minister's verbal tedium demonstrate why the Internet is gaining so much ground. I suspect that if such a speech had been delivered at Westminster, Mr Speaker would have found some reason to intervene. Anyway, watch it. You will want to view it more than once.


'DC' guy said...

Brilliant reply speech from Dan Hannan; Gordon Brown's face was ‘a peach’.

The BBC's failure to properly cover Dan Hannan's reply speech is, imho, an affront to democracy.

Frank H Little said...

Perhaps the popularity of this speech on the Web will finally persuade the UK media that European news is not a ticket to bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

I have just viewed the speech on Youtube, bravo! I have followed politics ever since I was eligible to vote in 1992, and that is the one of the finest, most heartfelt speeches I have heard in my life. It was so succinct and to the point. What angered me was the way Gordon Brown had that silly smirk on his face, once thing is certain we the taxpayers and the two million plus unemployed are not laughing thanks to this clown. I hope to see it on the BBC and ITV news but I won't be holding my breath. Congratulations Mr Hannan, I salute you.

Please send this message to the BBC -

“I would like to complain regarding Labour bias across the BBC News, News Website and Nick Robinson and Mark Mardell’s blogs. In reporting the PM’s speech at the EP you have failed to report the response by Daniel Hannan MEP. You you have chosen to hype the PM’s speech as if it where a triumph. In fact, you have depicted it out of context and your reporting is therefore biased and even untruthful. This speech is currently the most viewed internet video on YouTube and yet the BBC remains oblivious. Surely you realise that your continued bias towards the Labour Party only jeapordises your prospects of remaining publically funded in the future?”

Glyn Davies said...

DC Guy - In the end the mainstream media caught up.

Frank - You have a point. Not often that a speech in the European Parliament makes the headlines. It was always the same speaking in the National Assembly, unless you were one of the opening speakers. Maybe Youtube can sort that out as well.

Anon - It wouldn't do any good. The problem for the BBC is that its credibility is damaged when this happens. People know that the BBC reported the Prime Minister's speech to the European Parliament as a triumph, which almost everyone now knows was not the truth. There was also the reporting of the great personal warmth between Gordon Brown and Barack Obama, which was shown to be false by the Internet clip showing the US President obviously bored stiff as he listened to the British Prime Minister prattling on. This week I was reduced to shouting at the TV over breakfast when the BBC were wittering on about the threat of deflation, in response to figures which showed a serious threat of the return of inflation. People will just stop believing.