Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time out

Will not be blogging again til Sunday night. Life has been a bit difficult for us of late, and tomorrow we have arranged to have a day away from our problems. In the morning I will be attending our constituency party AGM in Trefeglwys, and then......... well we have FOUR debenture tickets for the match. So its Me, Mrs D, No 3 son Tim, and Adrienne, his Irish wife off down to the Millennium Stadium. I have to say that Warren Gatland's comments about the relationship between the Welsh and Irish teams was the most ill judged comment he has made since taking over the Wales job. He doesn't say much, and it would have been better if he'd stuck to his usual policy. For me, its always a case of 'if Wales can't win, then let it be the Irish'. And then its a quick getaway from Cardiff to Fishmore Hall, near Ludlow, which serves dinner til 9.30, and is a terrific place to unwind. So it will be Sunday night before I report on Wales 25-15 victory. I know that's 3 points short, but I'll be satisfied happy with the victory. Since Gatland made his stupid comments, I will not be too upset if the Irish take the championship.


B Griffiths said...

''For me, its always a case of 'if Wales can't win, then let it be the Irish'.''

Too right Glyn. I was annoyed with Gatland's comments about the Irish, I know he was playing mind games but he went too far. I've been to Ireland many times and have always been touched by their friendliness. After we're all Celts as they say. It will be a close game, I think Ireland might just nick it, but in sport (I say this as an avid Snooker player) the mental approach is vital and the pressure could be too much for them.

Sarah said...

How was the AGM Glyn? Did the Blue 6 perform well in Question Time?

Bonetired said...

At its very very best rugby is one of the most nerve jangling sports in the world. The last couple of minutes of that match were up there with the 2003 WC final.

Well done to both teams for wrapping up this year's Six Nations in such a stunning style.

Glyn Davies said...

BG - Nick it they did.

Sarah - It went very well. They performed very well. Frank was a star.

Bonetired - Its now Tuesday. I've recovered.

Sarah said...

Frank is an absolute star as are they all. The grapevine tells me there is another star in the making, in the form of a new chairman for the Montgomeryshire Association! Modesty being one of his many talents it would appear, I saw him for a while today and he never mentioned a thing. Probably too focused on Poster Sites, Cows and Sheep ... ha ha