Saturday, March 14, 2009

Christopher Wood goes big-time

Comments from Dr Christopher Wood are a regular feature of this blog. I hope he will continue to share his wisdom with us - even though he seems to have been elevated to a status akin to that of US correspondent of the Western Mail. A few weeks ago I saw him making an impact from the Question Time audience when it went stateside. Could it be that in future, his eminence will be such that he will seek payment for sharing his valued observations with us. I do believe it was my blog which Christopher used as the launchpad from which to project his comments about Rhodri Morgan's speech at a Washington reception for American businessmen, where the Welsh First Minister began slavering and fawning over Barack Obama like a hungry spaniel. What with Christopher and Jeff Jones enhancing my posts with their incisive wisdom on a regular basis, I'm going to have to be very careful what I write.


"US Correspondent" said...

You are exactly right Glyn. Your blog was where I started to ruminate on how Rhodri Morgan lost the plot – ‘hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Times’.

The First Minister claims the reason he likes Obama so much is because he is open to new ideas. The First Minister said there should be a business like conversation between Gordon Brown and President Obama based on shared interests.

So why is the First Minister closed to new ideas?

Why did the First Minister refuse a business like conversation with someone brimming with new ideas about getting Wales permanently out of recession/low GVA economy?

BioWales 2009 gives the First Minister another opportunity for that genuine conversation, to listen to new ideas to move Wales from a low GVA economy to an economy bursting with vitality, high-paying jobs, and a bright future for Welsh kids.

"US Correspondent" said...

I hope the First Minister now appreciates that fawning over Obama doesn't go down well in front of an audience with 40% Republican content.

Anonymous said...

thought it showed a poor state of affairs that a lead article in our supposed national newspaper was based on random comments by technically the man in the street, seemed very weird that it was so prominent and again woeful journalism.
Can you imagine the times commenting on gordons recent visit.
" Some Brit Lawyer thought gordon speech was a little too supportive of Mr Obama, not everyone was best chuffed."
Wish you'd blog on the paucity of good media in wales glyn and not such a woeful story.

"Man in DC Street" said...

The First Minister openly took sides during the run up to the U.S. national elections of last year. This showed lack of judgment on the part of the First Minister, the nation’s leader.

The First Minister compounded this lack of judgment with his Obama-love-fest in front of a crowd at the British Embassy in Washington that probably included over a hundred Americans of whom around 40% or more were likely Republican.

It didn’t stop there, the First Minister thought it wise to lecture Americans on the history of their own country.

It was surreal.

Then First Minister paid one back-handed compliment after another.

It was unbelievable.