Saturday, March 07, 2009


Tonight I was left in complete charge of our little Ffion (17 month old granddaughter) for the first time. No 1 son, Edward and Karen went out for the evening, and Mrs D was visiting at the Royal Shrewsbury. As it happens No 3 son, Tim and Adrienne arrived within the hour - but I wasn't to know that. As far as I was concerned I was being left all alone, in complete charge of our only grandchild. Its not that I've not spent a lot of time with Ffion, but this was the first time, I've been left with instructions about bathing, feeding and putting to bed. I felt an awesome responsibility resting upon my shoulders.

First ten minutes she tore around the house, Heiniken style, reaching parts that I thought could not be reached. She stands on chairs now. I just trailed along behind, picking things up. Then off we went up for her bath. I often do this, but tonight there was no Mrs D to come up to do the drying, talcing and dressing. Ffion must have sensed the burden of responsibility weighing down on me, because she was as good as gold. I quite often do things that others think carries responsibility, but there is nothing in this world that matches that which comes with being in charge of a seventeen month old little girl that everyone in the family is besotted with.


Anonymous said...

Well Glyn its great to see you taking on a real job - your first since the Assembly!! Great to hear about Ffion bach and i am sure she loves being with Taid Aberiw.
Cofion cymraeg! Lets have a photo in your garden on some future blog.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Its probably the most important job I've had since Mrs D left me in charge of our four around 25 years ago. - though she didn't trust me very often.