Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pawb a'i Farn again.

Sometimes an anonymous comment can be so wrong that I'm moved to undertake research in order to challenge it. Today is one of those times. Last week I posted about my experience of appearing on Pawb a'i Farn, which I described as S4/C's Welsh Language equivalent of Question Time. One anonymous commenter described the programme as one "which almost nobody watches". I didn't believe that. Well, I've completed the research.

Mr anonymous is very wrong. I am informed that Pawb a'i Farn regularly attracts more viewers than Question Time (in Wales that is), and sometimes attracts more viewers than Newsnight (again in Wales). Along with the two iconic programmes, Pobl y Cwm and Cefngwlad, Pawb a'i Farn attracts the highest S4/C audiences. It's a top programme. It seems that I was right to be pleased to receive an invitation to appear as a guest panellist. And I'm not just saying it to wangle myself another invite either!


Anonymous said...

Quite right Glyn - often the facts are more of a bore than a comment that seeks to push an untruth - for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Just seen your blog on this Glyn - its is vital we get on these S4C shows Glyn. Now that Plaid are under so much pressure from Llais Gwynedd - I hear they are putting up candidates in Arfon and Aberconwy - we must as Conservatives aim for the pro - wales vote.